REVIEW: Karaski: What Goes Up…

REVIEW: Karaski: What Goes Up…

Steam: Released

Developer: Unbound Creations

Publisher: Plug in Digital

Genre: Adventure

Release date: 2nd March 2016

Type: Single–player

Karaski: What Goes Up … is a good-looking indie adventure game that is happening on an airship.

What is happening in the game:

You are on an airship, but it has been sabotaged. You have to talk to passengers and uncover the truth about the mystery. The problem is that your suspicion is raising as well, so you could be the one accused of sabotage.

  • Sounds | The soundtrack is really good, it fits the whole vintage airship theme. The sound effect (walking, interacting and environment sounds) are also very nice.
  • Graphics | If you look at the Store page screenshots, you’ll see that this game has a unique style. It looks really nice. I like their choice of fonts used for dialogues and animations. I won’t say any more words, though, because I have no clue how I would describe how this game looks. All I know is that it looks nice.
  • Story | Every adventure game needs a good story, and this game certainly doesn’t fail at this. There are multiple choices you can make, from bonuses that help you, to dialogues that influence how much people on the airship like you. Based on what impression you give and what choices you make in the game, you can also get different endings. There are not a lot of adventure games that offer variety like this, so I’m considering this as a very huge plus.
  • Atmosphere | This game invokes that mysterious atmosphere that I simply love. It’s like a horror game without the horror element, it just leaves this tense and wonderful feeling when you’re playing. This is mostly because of nice graphics and the soundtrack combined. Airship turbulence that shake your screen every once in a while also help a lot.
  • Achievements | There are a lot of achievements. However, most of them don’t unlock when you progress in the story you’re playing, but are unlocked when you obtain certain items or do certain actions. This leaves a lot of space for replaying the game over and over again. Some achievements haven’t even been unlocked by anyone yet!
  • Clues, Quests and Suspects | You have a special menu where you will find your current quests. This is really good, especially for people who tend to forget what quests were all about. There is also a menu where all clues are stored and another one where you can find everything about potential suspect on board. The more you learn about them, the more filled out the menu is.
  • Updates | The developer obviously cares about the game, as there are regular updates that fix a lot of bugs, add new features or improve some things. I had my problems myself that were fixed in the latest update, which certainly improved my opinion of the game. The developer is also very active on Steam Discussions, helping out players that have experienced bugs.
  • Pricing | For 12 $/€, I think this game is certainly worth its price. I’ve seen some worse adventure games for higher prices, so this one is definitely a good deal. More about this in the final section of my review.
  • Linux/MacOS Support | Sadly, you can only play this game on Windows operating system. Support for other systems shouldn’t be too hard to add, since this game is made in Unity and that makes multi-OS builds very simple to make.
  • Stealth | This is the most annoying problem for me. Sometimes I just feel like there are way too many guards around and they notice you pretty quickly. When they do, you have to bribe them, which uses up your entire wallet pretty fast. The game would be just fine with less guards, in my opinion.
  • Resolution Problems | When playing the game in certain resolutions, some parts of in-game menus may “fall” off the screen. This can only be fixed by selecting a different resolution, often even playing in windowed mode. I heard that this is getting fixed, though.
The final verdict:

The game is pretty good. With its awesome graphics, nice soundtrack, a great story and other things it should give you the perfect adventure game experience. I especially liked the mysterious atmosphere, which just makes you play more and more. There are 50 achievements, which also add a lot to the replayability value. This is of course one of the things I use to decide whether the game is worth its price or not. Karaski is definitely worth it! It even has multiple endings and your actions really affect the gameplay flow a lot. This is a textbook example of “your choices matter” games.
In short, if you like adventure and point’n’click games, definitely consider getting this game. It’s one of the best adventure games I’ve played in quite some times and it’s constantly getting improved.

RATING: 85/100

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April 2016

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