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PREVIEW: Fear Effect Sedna

Fear Effect Sedna is a tactical strategy game, a new game from an existing series of PlayStation games. This game is currently in alpha state and everything below is only valid for the current build of the game and may or may not change in the

REVIEW: End Of The Mine

The cleverly-titled End of the Mine is a mostly enjoyable if somewhat unexceptional 2D platformer/shooter, in which the player mines for interplanetary goodies while blasting endless hordes of beasties. Find weapons, upgrade weapons, craft ammo

REVIEW: Project Abyss

Project Abyss is developed and published by Tall Story Studios. They’ve had previous experience with Guardians of Victoria which, despite being critically panned, still offered a decent steampunk setting. I’m glad to say that they’ve learned from

REVIEW: Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale

Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale is a good idea, but a poorly executed one. Lack of a tutorial and lack of controller support makes the game feel unfinished while poor controls (though re-bindable) and even poorer performance make the entire

PREVIEW: Unexplored

Action roguelikes, or “roguelites”, however you want to put it, have become quite the popular thing lately.  Many of them go with all sorts of different gameplay concepts, but the focus is usually purely on the action… a far cry


The store page description goes on about dancing so I was expecting a music/rhythm game but it’s not that at all. Essentially it’s moving left/right to keep your balance, which doesn’t sound very appealing but actually

REVIEW: Indie Game Sim

Indie Game Sim is a game about making and publishing your own games. Does it make for a great time or fall onto one of its own placed spikes? Let’s find out:

REVIEW: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Set in feudal age Japan, this spiritual successor of the great Commandos series captures the feeling and charm of its mentor perfectly. You’ll immediately notice many similarities between your teammates and the commandos, and you’ll also

REVIEW: Four Realms

“Looks may be deceiving” is a simple yet powerful quote which I would use to describe Four Realms. The game itself visually looks pretty basic and simple making you immediately jump to the conclusion of the game being pretty basic, but

REVIEW: Candle

Oh no! A tribe of savages has ransacked our village and kidnapped the Shaman! I am overcome with grief and sadness and OH MY GOD THIS IS SO PRETTY! LOOK AT THESE LITTLE HUTS ON FIRE!



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