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REVIEW: Blood Will Be Spilled

A tactical combat 2D platformer set in an insect-filled Wild West world.


REVIEW: Slap Village: Reality Slap

Slap Village: Reality Slap is developed by MonkeyToons and published by Tizona Interactive. The first game to be released for both parties involved, I’d say they hit the ground running with this title. Belonging close to the space western subgenre, […]


REVIEW: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

2013 was a year where Ubisoft released two stellar downloadable titles: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. While the latter went on to gain a cult following, CoJ: Gunslinger was overlooked by the majority of gamers. […]


REVIEW: 12 is Better Than 6

Author: mzehnmzehn Steam: Released Developer: Ink Stains Games Publisher: Pinkapp Games Genre:  Top-down shooter, Indie, Action Release date: 2oth November 2015 Type: Single-player Obvious comparisons with the Hotline Miami cannot be avoided and it’s influence is widely spread through the game. Still, […]


REVIEW: Gunman Clive 2

Steam: Released Developer: Horberg Productions Publisher: Horberg Productions Genre: Side-Scrolling Platformer, Action, Indie Release date: 3rd September 2015 Do you remember Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith? I sure do, especially that giant robot spider. That same machine can be found in Gunman Clive […]