NEWS: Indie Arena Booth Now Available Online Until August 30!

NEWS: Indie Arena Booth Now Available Online Until August 30!

Going from physical to digital

Like other conventions, Gamescom has moved Indie Arena Booth online onto your browser so developers and gamers will be able to showcase and play the games being featured. Alongside their Opening Night Live, developers will be able to show off their digital booth (which are all unique and pretty cool to see) and gamers coming along will be able to customize their avatar, chat with others, and interact with the booth (which includes interacting with the dev, watching a livestream, or playing a demo). There are about 185 games across 53 countries participating to show off their booths and games. There are also 16 publishers that will be representing their upcoming indie titles.

There are a lot of games participating so make sure you check out their site or check out their partner event page on Steam (where you can easily access over 100+ demos if you don’t want to go through booths on your browser).

This event will last between August 27 to August 30.


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