NEWS: Steam Game Festival is Returning in October

NEWS: Steam Game Festival is Returning in October

Save the date!

It looks like Steam’s Game Festival is here to stay as Valve is already planning to make an Autumn edition! Developers have already been notified to prepare their demos, build their store page if it wasn’t already, and opt-in. The additional features that popped up last festival, like broadcasts and Q&As, will also be returning. For the regular player, we’ll be able to dive right into the demos between October 7th to the 13th.

For those that were pretty overwhelmed by the last festival featuring a whopping 900 demos and are hoping that Valve will tighten it up, Valve has your back. Demos will only be eligible for the upcoming Game Festival if the game’s launch date is before May 2, 2021. In addition, Valve is already planning for next year. Of course, there’s no details out yet other than telling developers to look out for more details soon, but games that are launching later next year will have their chance to shine when the time comes.

I, for one, am pretty glad that Valve is encouraging developers to upload demos. Granted I’m sure most of them will only be available that week, but still. I’ll see you guys in October.

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