NEWS: Mortal Kombat 11 everything we know so far TL;DR

NEWS: Mortal Kombat 11 everything we know so far TL;DR

Mortal Kombat 11 just had a reveal event. Everything so far in less than 450 words and when you can play by Pre-Ordering the beta.


11 continues where X has left off.

25 Kombatants

That’s what the current character select screen says. So far confirmed:
Sub Zero
Sonya Blade
Geras (Newcomer)
Shao Khan (Pre-Order DLC)


The different styles are also making a return.

Geras The Newcomer

This new addition is apparently able to do some time-related shenanigans and manipulate sand/earth. From what I see he could freeze while beating them up to pile up damage. There are also reports that he can manipulate the round timer.


It’s back from Injustice 2. Now you can Kustomize your favorite MK characters and give them some of your own final touches.

The Gameplay changes

No more running
The running mechanic was reintroduced in MKX. MK11 goes back to MK9 with…

Dash Blocking
The characters are fixed to walking, jumping or dashing. In MK11 you can prematurely end your dash with a block. Offering a much more dynamic movement option.

Credits to Fighting Game veteran LI Joe

Fatal Blow
The X-Ray introduced in modern MK with MK9 is no more. Instead, you are getting another equivalent called Fatal Blow. This move can be used when you’re at about 30% of your health and can only be used ONCE a match. There’s no X-Ray effect but it’s not lost because there is…

Crushing Blow
The Crushing Blow turns a move into a buffed X-Ray Effect attack that deals additional damage. Each Crushing Blow can be activated once per match.

No more traditional meters, but more than before!
The klassic special move meter is no more. Now we have two meters! One for Defense and one for Offense.
Defense is usable for back rolls from being knocked down or wake up reversal attacks.
The offense meter use is traditional and can buff up your special attacks into EX Attacks by burning meter.

Defensive Counter Offense
It looks like you can counter attack immediately after a perfectly timed block by spending one of each meter.

The biggest change has yet to be mentioned!

Meters fill automatically
Yep, you read correctly. You no longer need to do anything to fill them up. Both of them charge up by themselves like a universal cooldown and boy let me tell you. It’s quite fast.
This means you no longer have to use EX Moves sparingly and they become a much more frequent factor in your general play.

The Pre-Order Beta on Playstation and Xbox

Everything so far sounds intriguing for you? Can’t wait to try it?
There is an open Beta planned for March. Make sure you mark it down in your calendar after Pre-Ordering it.

Want to see more? The official MK Youtube Channel has some MK Veteran Pro Player action.

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