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PREVIEW: Ion Maiden

Old FPS fans rejoice! 3D realms is the publisher for this nostalgia-project that promises to bring back the glory days of the first-person shooter with complex levels, humor, easter eggs and a massive amount of secrets


REVIEW: Rad Rodgers: World One

Rad Rodgers aims to pay homage to the 2D shooters of the old times with a fresh new coat of paint. Does it make the gamer fall in love with its world, or force them to smash their computer screens? […]


REVIEW: Bombshell

Steam: Released Developer: Interceptor Entertainment Publisher: 3D Realms Genre: Action Shooter Release date: 29 January 2016 Type: Single–player This one leaves a lot more to be desired. A top down shoot em up that doesn’t seem to want to push past it’s boundaries. I was intrigued at […]