NEWS: The Legend of Evil Released

NEWS: The Legend of Evil Released

Bring about the end of the human race in the ultimate battle of Hyper-Tactical Tower-Offense!

Steam: Released
Type: Single-player
Genre: Action, Strategy
Developer: Springloaded
Publisher: Springloaded
Release date: 19 Oct, 2018

A middle manager working for the demon king, it’s just a normal day at work – summoning demons and killing humans.

Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam this game is overflowing with content, and has a unique platform strategy.

The Game:

Get ready to spend countless hours destroying and corrupting the world of humanity in this strategic game of tower offense!

The Legend of Evil currently has around 9 hours of gameplay, but will expand to include an infinite volume of content with the addition of user created content and online play.

Campaign Mode:

  • Play as Bill, as he triumphantly carries out his duties to destroy mankind.
  • Build towers to summon procedurally generated demons that will unleash devastation on your enemies.
  • Discover new demons and unlock new tower upgrades throughout your quest to bring about the apocalypse!
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges by utilizing your demon’s unique strengths.

Rogue Conquest Mode:

  • Different every time you play!
  • Build an adaptive strategy and think on your feet to combat the constantly changing human scourge.
  • Use unique demons each with their strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.
  • Experiment with endless combinations by fusing demons together.
  • Meet exciting and new enemies and bosses of all sizes.
  • Manage your resources while carefully balancing risk and reward.

Switch Vs Steam Vs Mobile

One of the interesting things that sets this game apart from others is the way we are bringing it to market. We have refocused the game for each platform, playing to the strengths of that ecosystem, and making something that feels just right for that community.


While the steam game features all the content of the witch version, it also offers early access to exclusive PC tools that allow users to build their own levels, AI and online play.

The idea is that as we develop these special tools, the content that is created will be curated and given to Switch users as a special bonus in future.


Switch offers the best of the best of the user generated content, along with a solid single player campaign and Roguelike mode. The PC community is used to early access to unpolished features, so we are holding these back until they are perfect, at which point wew will bring them to the switch.


The mobile version features slightly different content to the other two versions, the single player campaign if blocked behind an IAP, while the RPG mode will allow a long term progression system that is seen in many other mobile titles. The free to play approach on mobile makes this a very different experience, built in the same universe with the same content.

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