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Twitch Offering Games For Sale While Streamers are Playing

Twitch has announced that games will be available for sale while you sit back and watch someone stream.  Do you like the game you are viewing?  Then, go ahead and buy it right now.  Partnered streamers will get 5% off the purchase. In addition, each purchase of $4.99 or more will drop a “Twitch Crate” for free loot like emotes, badges, and bits used to cheer during streams.  In addition there will be a giveaway for all sorts of gamey-game-gameness:

“From now through the end of early May, each time you make a purchase that qualifies for a Twitch Crate, you earn an invitation for a chance to win some sweet gaming and streaming gear. There are four weekly drawings, plus a grand prize that includes over $500 of professional streaming equipment. You can also enter without making a purchase. For more on the Twitch Crates Gear Giveaway, including details on what exactly you can win and how to enter, check out this blog post.”

I can foresee this heading in a few directions off the bat.  One is that none of these games will be through Steam, but rather through the Twitch Desktop app or Uplay.  So, Twitch hands us yet another game client to remember about or not bother with.  Another direction is that streamers tend to get a lot of gifts, so expect some gifted games to be bought right then and there to some extent.  How well this all fares with the gaming community  – which is generally not enthusiastic about another game client let alone Uplay – will soon be revealed in the months to come.   Feel free to comment.

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