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PREVIEW: For The King

For The King is a game that blends multiple elements from various genres into a nice little formula that makes you crave for just one more turn. It features turn-based combat and movement and it puts you in charge of […]


REVIEW: Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers is a turn-based tactical RPG where you assume the role of the leader of a mercenary company and in which you fight in order to make a name for yourself and your brothers in arms. The game has […]


REVIEW: A House of Many Doors

A House of Many Doors was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in September of 2015, and after all this time it has finally become available for everyone to enjoy. That said, comparisons to Sunless Sea seem to be unavoidable, and […]


REVIEW: Loot Rascals

Loot Rascals is a turn-based combat game where you have to explore a hex map, battle aliens and reach the exit.