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REVIEW: Age of Gladiators II

Age of Gladiators II is a very difficult, very niche management game that relatively few players will appreciate and enjoy, but for those that have the patience to delve into its statistics and management shenanigans, this is certainly a game […]


REVIEW: Mall Empire

Mall Empire is a seemingly attractive indie strategy/management game which is entertaining for a while but is unfortunately full of flaws that don’t let the game live up to its full potential. Please follow and like us:


REVIEW: Killers and Thieves

Killers and Thieves is a new action/management game that lets you manage a thieves’ guild. It’s just a shame it can’t hide all of its faults. Please follow and like us:


REVIEW: Building the Great Wall of China 2

Let’s collect resources, that Wall ain’t gonna build itself! Please follow and like us:


PREVIEW: Weapon Shop Fantasy

Status: Early Access Genre: Adventure, Casual, RPG, Simulation Developer: Digdog Studio Publisher: Digdog Studio Release Date: 26 Feb, 2017 Type: Single-player Overview Weapon Shop Fantasy is a shop management game with some RPG elements. In this game you will have […]


REVIEW: Pro Basketball Manager 2017

Let me get this out of the way first: I am not a huge Basketball fan. I went into this game with very low expectations and I think it was for the best. Pro Basketball manager plays pretty much like […]


REVIEW: Reigns

Swiping left and right has become quite a natural gesture for the current generation of young adults taking advantage of dating apps such as Tinder. More than a gesture, swiping became a form of expression. Swipe right to give your […]