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REVIEW: Power & Revolution 2017 Edition

Geopolitical Simulator 4 aka Power and Revolution is the fourth installment in the Geopolitical Simulator series. Power and Revolution puts you in the shoes of the head of a state or a country with the focus of extending your influence […]


REVIEW: Urban Empire

Urban Empire is a game that promises to combine a great city builder with deep political roots. Does it stand up to its claims or bury itself in the ground? Let’s find out: Please follow and like us:


REVIEW: REALPOLITIKS – Junior’s First Grand Strategy

Realpolitiks is a geopolitical real-time strategy game with the ability to lead any contemporary nation found in modern times. Bolstered by a beautifully rendered over-world map and stellar event artwork, this new entry to the grand-strategy genre provides the player […]


Playing Politics in Hearts of Iron IV

With Hearts of Iron IV only days away, Paradox Development Studio offers you the levers of power as the world descends into the firestorm of World War II. Please follow and like us:


Dual Universe reviled by Novaquark

Novaquark has lifted the lid on its new project called Dual Universe. Called a “continuous single-shard universe” players are able to edit the game word and build without restrictions. The game will be played in first-person view in a universe […]


Gremlins Inc. game of corruption and politics

Lately we are getting more and more board game on PC and thats a good thing, especially games like Gremlins Inc. Please follow and like us: