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REVIEW: We Happy Few

We Happy Few has a masterfully crafted setting with top notch writing and competent art direction. However, even though it nails the tone and delivery it does not save the game from feeling poorly designed and overpriced.

REVIEW: Wonfourn

A difficult to remember name will be the least of the problems for Wonfourn. Is there more to it than its overabundance of generic unity store assets implies? Sadly, not enough to justify the cost.


A charming point and click adventure title that goes out of its way to respect the player and tell an interesting story over trying to force the jokes. Well worth grabbing before the post-release price rise.

REVIEW: Castle of No Escape 2

Castle of No Escape 2 is not afraid to make fun of its own retro aesthetic. It pulls off its stylistic approach to the point where even its unintended bugs look like a throwback to the classics it pays homage to. Not only that, but it does this all

REVIEW: Escape the Grid VR

Teething pains aside, while this isn’t a casual experience or accessible to new comers to VR at all, Escape the Grid VR does provide context to motivate veterans to push themselves through what amounts to a challenging obstacle course

PREVIEW: Battlefleet Engineer

Given the depth of its complex mechanics, there is no doubt the game is worth the developers low asking price. However, the current lack of substance in its core gameplay loop means most players are not going to find the game to be worth investing



December 2023

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