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ARTICLE: The Steam Game Festival 2020: Wraith’s Wroundup

The ones to watch and the ones to pass by. The Steam Summer Game Festival 2020, a spotlight that shines upon upcoming games that have demos available has now concluded, but having played ten games as in-depth as a demo […]


OPINION: No, you don’t need all the DLC

And the game did not just turn incomplete because the developer just released something new for it. DLC is big business these days. In the last 15 years, they’ve grown from the occasional horse armor, to being the main income […]


ARTICLE: Interview – Developers of Dissolving

Introduction: About the Authors My name is Anna, you know me as a staff writer who regularly contributes horror game reviews, articles, and interview contributions to SaveorQuit.com My name is Ethan. I am an ethereal construct which was formed in […]


ARTICLE: Genkipro on Game Addiction and the Dangers of Bundles

… or how my Steam library grew from nothing to 7000 games, and why the gaming industry is doomed! Hi, I’m Genkipro and I’ve always liked games! I’m a gamer from way back. The first computer in my house when […]


ARTICLE: Five Game Series That I’d Like to See Come Back

Some Fondly Remembered Video Games With A Currently Indeterminate Future In today’s gaming world, there are certain games that we know will be pushed out every year or two, like Call of Duty, while some fan-favorites titles along the line […]


ARTICLE: A History of the words roguelike and rogue-lite (they do have a different meaning)

If you see anyone inappropriately using the term roguelike to describe a game that does not even belong to the genre, send them this article.


ARTICLE: Is Nostalgia Still a Good Marketing Approach for New Games?

When it comes to big games, each year the slate of releases rely heavily on the success of games in the past. Granted, some of these may be predecessors in the franchise or the game may be a tonal sequel […]