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Playstation Now: 12 Month Review

After a year of my annual subscription to Playstation Now, I thought I’d follow up with my experience with the service.


A Guide to Using WiFi with Playstation Now

After figuring out a few things on my own using WiFi to play PS Now, I made a short guide of some helpful tips   If you’ve had some issues with a blurry image, frame drops, or lag with PS […]


Playstation Now Will be Streaming PS4 Games to PC in 2017

According to Sony’s official PS Now blog, the Playstation Now service will be adding PS4 titles to it’s roster in 2017.  This new expansion will join the PS4 platform to PS Now and will be included with a single PS Now […]


ARTICLE: Playstation Now: A Hands on Review of Sony’s Service for PC

A new 12-month long review was published on 02/01/2018 Playstation Now intrigued me the instant I found out about it.  Sony offering PS3 games streamed straight to my PC; I’m pretty sure I had a sparkle eyed, open mouth look […]