Author: Psygineer


REVIEW: Edge of Eternity

Have you ever had a deal that seemed too good to be true? A deal where you could trade something you considered very low value for something that obviously has very high value? I’m talking about a deal like when […]


REVIEW: Rapture Rejects

Thou shalt not love thy neighbour here in this place, show no mercy, kill them all and let God sort them out.


REVIEW: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

While Idea Factory tends to be better known for their Neptunia series, they have had their hands in some other interesting endeavors as well. One of their latest accomplishments, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, is a purer Visual Novel with […]


REVIEW: Don’t Starve: Hamlet

Are you afraid of the dark? You just might be on to something. Is that a rumbling in your stomach or a monster looking to fill theirs? Either way, it’s important that you Don’t Starve.


REVIEW: Prodigy Tactics

Are you on the lookout for a tactical combat game complete with an array of interesting, highly detailed and unique heroes to go into battle with? If you love conflicts where the outcome depends on your battle strategies, you will […]


PREVIEW: Sail And Sacrifice

Avast matey! Are you tired of being a land lubber! I’ll bet you’re looking for a high-seas adventure preferably full of piracy, treasure and swashbuckling escapades. Well, you just might eventually experience that adventure if you’re brave enough to challenge […]


REVIEW: Full Throttle Remastered

Full Throttle is a classic video game. It is from a bygone age of Point and Click Adventure games appealingly brought back to life in a spiffy new Remastered package. It even sports fine leather jackets to add a touch […]


REVIEW: Ancestors Legacy

Have you ever wondered what occupied your ancestors 1000 years ago? How did they keep themselves busy? What kind of lives did they have? Did you ever stopped to think that if they hadn’t done whatever it was they did […]


PREVIEW: The Universim

Ever wanted to rule the world? Why think so small!? The entire Universe can be yours to shape! It’s time to break out your divine will, assume the role of the Supreme Creator, and shape the lives of the Nugget […]


REVIEW: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Have you ever had one of those mixed up days that just didn’t go as planned? I think everyone that’s had one knows what I’m talking about. For some people it’s the end of the world, for others it’s a […]