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REVIEW: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

A must-have JPRG back then and even more so now.


REVIEW: Full Throttle Remastered

Full Throttle is a classic video game. It is from a bygone age of Point and Click Adventure games appealingly brought back to life in a spiffy new Remastered package. It even sports fine leather jackets to add a touch […]


PREVIEW: Ion Maiden

Old FPS fans rejoice! 3D realms is the publisher for this nostalgia-project that promises to bring back the glory days of the first-person shooter with complex levels, humor, easter eggs and a massive amount of secrets


RETRO: Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II is often considered to be the pioneer of modern strategy games. But does this old gem still hold out in the sea of other similar titles? Let’s find out:


REVIEW: Just Hero

 Just Hero is a low-budget, Indie 2D platformer game. It probably gets inspiration from the old time classics like the Mario series, Megaman and so on.


REVIEW: Astervoid 2000

Back when the Nintendo 64 was released, it opened a fantastic era of 4-player games sharing the same screen while the PC focused on online gaming. Twenty years later, 4-player games are released on PC like an avalanche since TowerFall […]


REVIEW: Rad Rodgers: World One

Rad Rodgers aims to pay homage to the 2D shooters of the old times with a fresh new coat of paint. Does it make the gamer fall in love with its world, or force them to smash their computer screens? […]


REVIEW: Rencounter

Rencounter looks to provide a classic strategy based experience by making you hunt, scavenge and loot in order to stay alive. Does it hit its mark or misses with a 90% chance, let’s find out


REVIEW: Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler

If you think of a comedy point and click adventure game featuring the hapless antics of a rather inept pirate, your first thought may be the Monkey Island games by LucasArts. Well, there’s a new game to pick up that […]


REVIEW: Cossacks 3

I wasn’t really hyped about this game when I saw the announcement for the first time, but I was happy that we are finally getting one proper RTS game. Cossacks game series isn’t maybe so known in the gaming world, […]