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REVIEW: Ancestors Legacy

Have you ever wondered what occupied your ancestors 1000 years ago? How did they keep themselves busy? What kind of lives did they have? Did you ever stopped to think that if they hadn’t done whatever it was they did […]


REVIEW: 8-Bit Hordes

This is the second title (by release date) within Petroglyph’s 8-Bit series and as soon as you start playing it one thing becomes clear: it’s a homage to both classic Command & Conquer as well as Warcraft RTS’ from back […]


PREVIEW: Fear Effect Sedna

Fear Effect Sedna is a tactical strategy game, a new game from an existing series of PlayStation games. This game is currently in alpha state and everything below is only valid for the current build of the game and may or […]


PREVIEW: Unexplored

Action roguelikes, or “roguelites”, however you want to put it, have become quite the popular thing lately.  Many of them go with all sorts of different gameplay concepts, but the focus is usually purely on the action… a far cry […]


REVIEW: Firefight

Before I start the shredding, let me say this one thing: Mr. O’Connor tried. He really did. I can see the work that went into this, and given my record for hammering lazy devs in the past, I don’t dare […]