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REVIEW: Wizards Tourney

The life of a wizard is harsh, as your friends can attempt to poison your cauldron in between games of tag.


REVIEW: Hide and Shriek

Yes yes, you can read this review, it is safe. No trap guaranteed. Just click here to display it, then scroll down a little bit, then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Are you ok? If you are allergic to jump scares, perhaps you should […]


PREVIEW: White Noise 2

Halloween is upon us, and the game developers are unleashing hordes of evil horror games to trap our souls during the festivities. Exceptionally this year, many of those games are multi-player. Among them, White Noise 2 is being released on […]


REVIEW: Rack N Ruin

Steam: Released Developer: LifeSpark Entertainment Publisher: LifeSpark Entertainment Genre: Top-down adventure Release date: 1st September 2015. The game was released almost two months ago, but it came to the top of our review list just now, while Halloween time. Pretty good coincidence, because this […]