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REVIEW: Rogues Like Us

Rogues Like Us is a minimalist but entertaining roguelike game with a budget price tag and many hours of fun. The only bad thing about it is that co-op is local only, otherwise it’s a very solid title that any action and roguelike game fan

REVIEW: Vampyr

For being one of the most anticipated games of 2018, Vampyr does not meet expectations and reveals itself as a mediocre, generic, inconsistent action-adventure game that is saved, in part, only by good character development and an intriguing game

PREVIEW: Slasher’s Keep

Slasher’s Keep is a very interesting roguelike game with optional permadeath, solid and meaty melee combat, a unique art style, and abundant variety, It is surely a game that will delight enthusiasts of dungeon crawlers and first person combat

REVIEW: Golem Gates

With its  stunning graphics, challenging AI and substantially different gameplay, Golem Gates is a promising new entry in the modern RTS genre that is sure to satisfy veterans and newcomers alike.

REVIEW: Dark Quest 2

Dark Quest 2 is a decent turn-based RPG set in a grim fantasy world. It doesn’t have the most original storyline, characters, or setting, but overall it is done pretty well and fans of dungeon crawlers will love its tactical gameplay and

REVIEW: Space Battlecruiser

A decent space shooter with light strategy elements, that could be a good game for this price range but is impaired by some debatable design choices and rather unfair balancing in later game.

REVIEW: Tempest Citadel

Tempest Citadel is an RTS/Management game with a good setting and a decent storyline, but it falls short with its combat mechanics and generally poor explanations of how the game itself works. A real pity, because it had good potential.

PREVIEW: Armed to the Gears

Armed to the Gears is a rather promising mix of genres, however for now it offers very little content and is early in development. In the future, keep any eye on this game because it could be one of the next hits in the sci-fi shooter genre.



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