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REVIEW: Frostpunk: Console Edition – PS4

Please don’t run out of coal before the night ends. *Generator shuts down* Nooo! ...
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REVIEW: The Outer Worlds

A solid entry into the FPS RPG genre, The Outer Worlds refines the old formula into a superior gaming experience ...
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Days Gone Featured Image

REVIEW: Days Gone – PS4

Thrilling story and fantastic protagonist are not enough to place Days Gone amongst the best Playstation exclusives as the game's ...
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REVIEW: Solo: Islands of the Heart – Xbox One

Sailing somewhere between a game and a therapy session, Solo: Islands of the Heart asks a lot of you to ...
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REVIEW: Omega Labyrinth Life – Switch

Whaaat my boobs didn’t just grow, that's crazy ...
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REVIEW: The Gardens Between – Xbox Gamepass

The Gardens Between takes a simple method of puzzling and manages to make it something notable, which is an achievement ...
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REVIEW: Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

Attack on Titan 2 expands into the third Season ...
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REVIEW: Malicious Fallen – PS4

In the age of SoulsBorne games, Monster Hunter World, and Sekiro, you may have glanced at a PS4 title called ...
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REVIEW: Worldend Syndrome – Switch

Forget the mystery, go hang out with your new friends! ...
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REVIEW: Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet – Switch

It's not selling some fine leather jackets, but this high-seas adventure game is still quite fun ...
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REVIEW: Detroit: Become Human – PS4

Since the price of Detroit: Become Human dropped to $20 and was recently included in the PS+ free games for ...
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REVIEW: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

A must-have JPRG back then and even more so now ...
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REVIEW: Dark Cloud – PS4

When an evil genie awakens and threatens to destroy the world, it's up to the player to rebuild the villages ...
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