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REVIEW: No More Heroes 1 (Switch)

“What, you can’t kill a woman?” *Me on my 10th attempt* Apparently not! ...
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REVIEW: Torchlight III (Switch)

Has the problematic development of Torchlight III affected its Switch version? ...
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REVIEW: Orangeblood (Switch Port)

OG Japanese schoolgirl gangsta rappas in da hood! [CRINGE] ...
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REVIEW: Moero Crystal H (Switch)

Say hello to my harem army ...
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REVIEW: The Red Lantern (Switch)

Barkly is best doggo! ...
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REVIEW: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV

A story that spans through 2 generations is finally coming to an end ...
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REVIEW: Prinny 1 & 2: Exploded and Reloaded

Prinny Suicide Squad, ATTACK! ...
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REVIEW: The Long Dark (Switch)

Snow, snow, snow, and yep more snow. Where the hell did I come from? ...
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REVIEW: Going Under (PS4)

Why am I doing so much for an unpaid internship again? ...
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REVIEW: Phoenotopia Awakening (Switch)

Maybe the aliens wanted some parents of their own? ...
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REVIEW: Vampire’s Fall: Origins (Switch)

Vampire's Fall comes to the Nintendo Switch! Did it fix the problems it had on the PC version? ...
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REVIEW: Death and Taxes (Switch)

Rules are for losers, everyone dies today! ...
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