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ARTICLE: Five Game Series That I’d Like to See Come Back

Some Fondly Remembered Video Games With A Currently Indeterminate Future In today’s gaming world, there are certain games that we know will be pushed out every year or two, like Call of Duty, while some fan-favorites titles along the line […]


Article: Fighting Game Content Woes and the Failure of Esports Integration

A critical look at Street Fighter V and their in-game Esports efforts In this article, two things are under scrutiny: 1) The lack of content and how Capcom has solved it historically with examples. 2) Street Fighter V’s lack of […]


Article: Save or Quit’s Best Games of 2018

Pop the bubbly and get ready for the celebration, 2018 is coming to a close.  Let’s take a look at the games our staff enjoyed the most in 2018 as we look forward to 2019.


Article: A Parent’s View On Buying The Nintendo Labo For A Gift

Whether it tis the season or just time for gift giving, does the Nintendo Labo make for a decent gift choice?


A Gamer’s Diary: Don’t Starve Together Forge

It’s over, but what a hell of a ride.


ARTICLE: Why an Input Lag reducing patch for Street Fighter V is a huge deal for its community

Street Fighter V Input Lag Update Recently, within the niche corners of fighting games, it was announced that Street Fighter V was receiving a reduction in input lag which was just implemented on the 23rd of October. This was actually […]


ARTICLE: A History of FPS rogue-lites

Do you like first-person shooters? Do you like rogue-lites? Check out what happened when both were mixed together.


ARTICLE: A History of the words roguelike and rogue-lite (they do have a different meaning)

If you see anyone inappropriately using the term roguelike to describe a game that does not even belong to the genre, send them this article.


ARTICLE: Neon Chrome: Overseer 5.0

Neon Chrome is widely said — by Genkipro — to be the best twin-stick shooter money can buy. But recently Genkipro had a rude awakening.


ARTICLE: Running Scared

The end of 2018 will be an exciting time for gamers. One landmark game will probably dominate the charts. Can you name it? Read on as I wax lyrical on the subject.