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ARTICLE: Shenmue 3 and EGS aftermath: The Non-Solution

Ys Net and the divorce from their backers. No hard feelings, it’s just business?


ARTICLE: Google Stadia is not the end of how you game.

I’ve seen so much clickbait on Stadia, I had to write up my thoughts.  Keep in mind, I’m not a Stadia fan, far from it.  I’m actually quite certain it will be a pixelated mess once it releases and take […]


ARTICLE: Shenmue 3 and E3: An Epic deal that broke the camel’s back

” Scammer, Backstabber, Betrayer, Sellout”  – the palpable anger of fans and backers 2015: An E3 of Dreams and returning hope to Shenmue Fans Author’s Note: Like many others, I’m also a backer (100+). Though it doesn’t really affect me […]


ARTICLE: Monster Prom – One Year Later

Happy (late) 1 year anniversary!


ARTICLE: E3 2019 Recap

Don’t really want to watch most of the E3 conferences, but want to know what was announced? You’re in luck!


ARTICLE: An Introduction to the 2v2 Arena Fighter Genre and the unfortunate story of Rise of Incarnates Part 1

Let’s take a look at the niche 2v2 Arena Fighter Genre (part 1) and the unfortunate PC exclusive offspring “Rise of Incarnates (part 2). All pictures are from the Official Thread from NeoGAF a blast from the past by donkey […]


ARTICLE: Genkipro on Game Addiction and the Dangers of Bundles

… or how my Steam library grew from nothing to 7000 games, and why the gaming industry is doomed! Hi, I’m Genkipro and I’ve always liked games! I’m a gamer from way back. The first computer in my house when […]


ARTICLE: A Project Stream Beta Tester’s Thoughts on Google Stadia

After playing on Google’s Project Stream back in late 2018, I thought I’d share my feelings about Google Stadia and cloud gaming. Crossing the Streams Oh, Stadia. I’ve been wondering when something like you would show up. Looks like Google […]


ARTICLE: Five Game Series That I’d Like to See Come Back

Some Fondly Remembered Video Games With A Currently Indeterminate Future In today’s gaming world, there are certain games that we know will be pushed out every year or two, like Call of Duty, while some fan-favorites titles along the line […]


Article: Fighting Game Content Woes and the Failure of Esports Integration

A critical look at Street Fighter V and their in-game Esports efforts In this article, two things are under scrutiny: 1) The lack of content and how Capcom has solved it historically with examples. 2) Street Fighter V’s lack of […]