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ARTICLE: Interview – Developers of Dissolving

Introduction: About the Authors My name is Anna, you know me as a staff writer who regularly contributes horror game reviews, articles, and interview contributions to My name is Ethan. I am an ethereal construct which was formed in […]


ARTICLE: Sad Satan: Are you afraid of the Deep Web?

No other game in recent memory has achieved this haunting reputation among the internet.


ARTICLE: How GOG Galaxy 2.0 is almost the launcher everyone needs

And for “everyone”, I mean everyone who has tons of games scattered among 6 or more different launchers


ARTICLE: Interview – Developer ‘Peace & Love Games’

A Brief Introduction Patrick is an avid gamer, perhaps a bit of a geek. He goes by the pseudonym ‘Peace & Love Games.’ He is all about spreading the joy of sharing time with others, playing games, laughing, and learning. […]


ARTICLE: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – Dehumanization of Industrial Capital

A Marxist analysis of Pigs’ reveals how the dehumanization inherent to capital industrialization serves as a foundation for its horror.


ARTICLE: How Random Number Generators and AI Will Drive Next-Gen Games

Author: Sunil Singh When talking about us humans, a generation is considered as roughly 20 years. But in the world of tech, a generation can be as short as a year, or six months! That is the pace at which […]


ARTICLE: TOP PARTY GAMES – Ultimate toolset edition™

A useful list for your next party! I have been reviewing Party Games for 4 players on a single screen on PC for several years. In a not-so-distant past, the Nintendo consoles were a exclusive home to the whole genre, […]


ARTICLE: The Cynic News: NBA2K20 Overdelivers with MyTEAM

Fans so drunk on hype that they mistook dislike with like en masse Credits for the Header: Liquidsnake Disclaimer: This aritcle is a satire with News. Enjoy. The name is Savy Gambler and this is his story… As I was […]


ARTICLE: Shenmue 3 and EGS aftermath: The Non-Solution

Ys Net and the divorce from their backers. No hard feelings, it’s just business?


ARTICLE: Google Stadia is not the end of how you game.

I’ve seen so much clickbait on Stadia, I had to write up my thoughts.  Keep in mind, I’m not a Stadia fan, far from it.  I’m actually quite certain it will be a pixelated mess once it releases and take […]