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ARTICLE: Is Nostalgia Still a Good Marketing Approach for New Games?

When it comes to big games, each year the slate of releases rely heavily on the success of games in the past. Granted, some of these may be predecessors in the franchise or the game may be a tonal sequel […]


INTERVIEW – Mordhau developers want to make the Battlefield of medieval games

We were nosy and asked Triternion a bunch of questions about their upcoming multi-player medieval sword-fest, Mordhau. Have some questions?  We’ve got the juicy details!


Save or Quit’s Indie Game Staff Picks of 2017

While the big games of the year got their share of the limelight, we at SoQ thought it would be nice to list up our personal favorite indie games of 2017.  Below, you’ll find a list of the games we […]


Save or Quit’s 10 Biggest PC Game Fails of 2017

While there were some incredible games in 2017, there were an equal amount of what we consider to be complete disappointments.  Whether it was the actual gameplay, terrible game design choices, or outright destruction of the player base due to […]


REVIEW: Save or Quit’s Top 10 PC Games of 2017

2017 has been a great year for gaming with some remarkable high points. Here at Save Or Quit, we decided to list out the best games of 2017 that we personally reviewed. First up, however, are some honorable mentions of […]


OPINION : Dear Bethesda, stop trying to commercialise the mod scene.

(Opinion pieces are just that, they are the opinion of a specific author, they are not representative of the views of the site, nor do they attempt to frame as fact the events described, they are merely the authors’ interpretation […]


[First Impressions] Persona 5 Makes A Stylish Entrance

Let’s talk about the first few hours of Persona 5


ARTICLE: Underrated Mobile Games From The Past Year

Every year there are so many mobile games that it starts to get hard to keep track of all of them. It helps that app stores highlight the newest and best offerings, but even with these featured lists it’s easy […]


Alphabet Backlog – A is for Another World

  Episode 1: A is for Another World   Hey! I’d like to introduce my brand new series of articles called the Alphabet Backlog, in which I will go over a selection of games from my Steam Library that I […]


Our Belated GOTY Games of 2016

2016 was a mixed year for video games, but it definitely isn’t surprising given how much it had to live up to the amazing year that was 2015. Instead, 2016 was a huge wake-up call to a bunch of developers […]