REVIEW: Open Sorcery: Sea++

Open Sorcery: Sea++ is an expansive text-based adventure game that demands and rewards attention, logic, and thoroughness. It’s one of the very few games paradigm-shifting games that changed the way I look at the genre.

PREVIEW: Sands of Salzaar

Sands of Salzaar is a sandbox strategy/RPG game that plays something like a cross between Mount & Blade, Heroes of Might & Magic and Diablo. Starts interesting and engrossing, but full of design weaknesses that makes it crumble later on.

REVIEW: Creeper World 4

Creeper World 4 is a new iteration in the Creeper World series, which combines casual real time strategy with fluid dynamics. Although the jump to 3D doesn’t seem to add much tactical depth (pun unintended), it’s a no-brainer for fans of

REVIEW: Paradox Vector

Paradox Vector is a lovecraftian FPS metroidvania with vector-like graphics and impossible geometry. Paradoxically little of the latter, however…

REVIEW: Per Aspera

Per Aspera is a colony management game where you play the role of a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence charged with terraforming Mars. Ironically, it needs a few patches until fully operational.

REVIEW: Silk Roads – Caravan Kings

Silk Roads: Caravan Kings is a trading/travelling game set along the late 1200s Silk Road. It’s mechanically uninteresting, but it can provide an atmospheric distraction for a couple of hours.

REVIEW: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a combination of ActRaiser and Okami while retaining a great degree of originality and is one of the most satisfying games I’ve played in many months.



September 2021

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