ARTICLE: Wholesome Games Snack Direct Recap

ARTICLE: Wholesome Games Snack Direct Recap

Savoring snacks is hard, but oh so worth it

Wholesome Games is back with another direct, this time Snack Edition! You might recognize some of these games from their previous, full direct, but there are some new titles being added and showcased here. Make sure to wishlist ones that you’re interested in before you forget. Those games featured are:

  • Button City
    A colorful low poly adventure where you play as a cute fox exploring a diorama world with their friends in hopes to save the local arcade from closure. You’ll be able to play arcade games, solve puzzles, complete quests, and make new friends along the way. The feature in this Snack Direct was used to introduce the characters in the Fluff Squad.
  • Date Night Bowling
    Date Night Bowling is coming along to sate everyone looking for a dedicated bowling game… while mixing in a dating sim! Instead of going to the boring, usual, dating spots you’re going to the local bowling alley instead and hopefully impress your soulmate. There are ten characters looking for love, just head out to the neon bowling alley right there sometime next year.
  • Garden Story
    This one I’m sure you’ve heard all about, but you’ll be playing a newly appointed guardian trying to fix a broken community. You’ll be able to traverse a vibrant island, fight Rot, rebuild your home, and help your citizens. Thanks to moving their release date and partnering with Kowloon Nights, they were able to add a lot more content. Garden Story will be at Indie Arena Booth (Aug 27-30) and will be hosting various events. This has a loose release date of next year, and if you haven’t heard already, has announced this will release on the Switch.
  • Half Past Fate
    A rom-com adventure with a 3d pixel art style where you follow six ordinary people who happen to run across each other. Spanning from eight hours to eight years, you’ll be time jumping you’re way through fate as you play/watch everything come together. You can pick Half Past Fate up right now.
  • Land of Screens
    In Land of Screens, you play as Holland as her social media is ablaze after her recent breakup. Dedicated to ditch social media for her mental health (which, everyone should at least take a break), she tries to live in a world where everyone is constantly plugged into social media. Luckily, she’ll meet friends along the way and rediscover the world that is right behind everyone’s screens.
  • Lemon Cake
    Live out your dream of owning a bakery (wait, you’re saying it’s just my dream?) as you try to restore an abandoned bakery, prepare pastries from farm to table, and serve the hungry customers that wonder in.
  • Lonesome Village
    A puzzle adventure game and social simulation hybrid, you’ll be tasked with rescuing villagers by solving puzzles and interacting with them. Lonesome Village will soon be arriving on Kickstarter to get help for funding, but you can try out the demo now.
  • Pupperazzi
    Do you love taking pictures of your dog or other pets? Or maybe you love scrolling through pet videos? Maybe you have a whole account just to post pictures of your pet? Well this game was made just for you. Pupperazzi tasks you with being the best freelance pupperazzi as you’ll need to craft your photo skills, upgrade your equipment, catch cute dogs on camera, and even pet and play with the dogs. Get ready to be the best puppo photographer ever.
  • Snacko
    Thanks to the first Wholesome Direct, Snacko was fully funded and was able to add a lot more features. Snacko returned to show off the Island Cultural Center where you’ll be able to donate what you find to various exhibits. If you don’t know what Snacko is all about, you’ll be starting a new life on a seemingly deserted island, unravel mysteries, rebuild a community, farm, fish, and explore. Oh, did I forget to mention that everyone, including you, are cats?


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