ARTICLE: Gifts Ideas to Surprise Gamers in 2020

ARTICLE: Gifts Ideas to Surprise Gamers in 2020

Author: Georgi Petrov

If you are looking for gift ideas to surprise the gamer in your life, we have some ideas here. From encouraging their hobby with new gaming subscription services to co-op games so you can spend some quality time together, even if you’re new to the game, can be a surprise in itself, particularly if you find yourself hooked into the sport.

Gaming accessories

Gaming technology is continually changing, so there is bound to be something in your gamers set-up that could do with an upgrade. They could have already hinted at this, or you have overheard a conversation or seen an article on the screen that they were reading. If you are looking for an anniversary gift and following the modern anniversary gifts list, these are great fourth anniversary (electrical appliances) or 11th anniversary (accessories) gifts, though other years can work too.

Gift smart lighting via a multi-screen set-up, which adjusts the lights according to what’s happening in the game being played to add another level of entertainment to the game.

Upgrade their standard office chair to a specific gaming chair with armrests that can be moved in every direction. Gaming chairs also offer good back and neck support.

An all-in-one high-resolution DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) and amplifier will improve the audio of their gaming experience.

If you are uncertain about accessories, you can add some décor to their gaming area. If the gamer is your partner, choose a romantic gift like an everlasting rose that they can display on a shelf, otherwise choose the best photo you have of the two of you together this year and have this framed for display.

Gaming subscriptions

If your gamer is getting bored of their PS4 or Xbox One and has yet to decide whether to buy the PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X later this year, gift them a subscription to one of the gaming services online. Many are offering early access to anticipated games, exclusive content, creative independent titles and options that can make the gaming experience an enjoyable one again.

  • EA Access

    EA Access from Electronic Arts works with Xbox One and PS4 consoles, or Origin Access, which works with PCs. The subscription gives access to a catalogue of Vault Games and the classic Sims 4 console version. Also on offer is a 10-hour trial of new games before their launch.

  • PlayStation Now

    Sony’s “Netflix for games,” gives access to 800 PS4, PS3 and PS2 games on the PlayStation 4 and PC. There are also online multiplayer games, sports games and family-friendly options available too.

  • Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass

    Unlimited access to over 100 games on console, PC or both. Simply download the game to start playing.

    The choice between Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass and GameClub, which all offer hundreds of titles and strategies depends on what device you have and your game choice.

Co-op games

In the gaming community, online multiplayer games with friends are always fun. Yet you can share the gaming experience sitting next to the gamer on your couch. Here are just a few suggested co-op games that are fun for an expert gamer and those with little or no experience.

  • For the King

    A trio of misfit fantasy adventurers set off into a fairytale world to right the wrongs that have befallen their kingdom. This is a charming, tough, tactical game taking the best of tabletop adventure and roleplaying games. It’s fun and even better in co-op.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    New Horizons has a slower pace even than other Animal Crossing games, but there is still plenty to do, and each of those activities flows easily into the next, to be both rewarding and cheerful. Perfect for when you spend long times together.

  • Diner Bros

    Diner Bros is a fast-paced, hectic, timed cooking game. In Diner Bros, food must be cooked and served yourself until a server is unlocked. Each day has a 5-star tiered rating system, with the restaurant itself on a 3-star tier rating so there’s a chance for restaurant upgrading and the game progressing. If you like Overcooked, this game is another chance to co-op in a fun, crazy, chaotic kitchen together.

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