REVIEW: Monster Girl Club Bifrost

REVIEW: Monster Girl Club Bifrost

Searching for love in a slave market.

Released: Steam
Type: Single-player
Genre: Manager, Porn
Developer: Midnight Pleasure
Publisher: Remtairy
Release date: 23 March, 2020


Monster Girl Club Bifrost is a management game based upon running a brothel and training “monster girl” slaves to be the prostitutes. (… I probably should have looked closer at the store page than just going for it because monster girls…)

While the game is technically playable without the R-18 patch that is available on the official website, I have trouble imagining there are many people interested in just the slavery portion of a game themed around sex slaves, so I’ll be exclusively talking about the game post-patch.

Bifrost makes for an odd contrast with the game I reviewed last month, Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire. Both games are anime art style games where you run a business based upon training a roster of girls with a tone very much hung up on a Madonna-Whore Complex. In fact, in that regard, the biggest difference between the two is that the constant slut-shaming of Starnova was exclusively negative (in spite of being a sequel to a porn game), while Bifrost seems to revel in the “degradation” of women into enjoying their sexuality.

What Are Monster Girls?

In the event you’re somehow on a review of an exclusively monster girl porn game without knowing what they are, let me welcome you to your new expanded awareness of the wonderful world of Rule 34.

Mermaids are a classic “monster girl” type, along with the orc as a monster boy.

“Monster girls” as a creature type (although they often refer to them as “demi-humans” or the like when not being gender-specific) generally based upon chimeric humanoid monsters that are distinct from (the much more divisive) furry types by having clearly human faces (give or take fangs or odd ears). This includes the likes of mermaids, harpies, fairies, or classic Japanese youkai like kitsune and yuki-onna. In this game, some artistic liberties are taken with other types, such as minotaurs here being humans with bull horns and cow hooves, and Some are also renamed odd things, like driders being “arachne”, or scylla (octopus bottom) are “dagons” or “kraken”.

Apparently, elves count as “monster girls” too… and also apparently go into heat with the full moon… because Japan.

As an anime subgenre, however, “monster girl” tends to refer to either Dungeons & Dragons or Dragon Quest-inspired fantasy settings or Universal monster-style light horror where monster girls form the main heroines. This broadly is used for either some kind of fantastic racism story (as, fantasy races aside, they are functionally written in the story as humans with a gimmick), and/or more popularly, just a flavor of fantasy fetish. Thanks to decades of having the main “good” heroines of fantasy be chaste staff chicks in full robes while the “evil” female characters go nearly (or fully) naked, there’s kind of a market that’s built up around going all the way with de-eviled versions of what were once strictly RPG enemy type creatures.


Monster Girl Club Bifrost takes place in a town near, and is named after, Bifrost, the rainbow bridge connecting worlds from Norse mythology. You would think this would be important, considering it’s the first thing they discuss in the game and it’s in the title, but it kind of never matters.

Look, Norse myth! OK, enough of that, let’s talk sexual slavery.

You play as a “monster trainer” who apparently got drunk and made a bet with a woman who claims to be a grim reaper, but there’s something a little suspicious about the way that she has succubus-style horns and bat wings, dresses in nothing but a corset and thong, never seems to do any actual reaping, and owns her own brothel…

Milia covers the basics.

For some bizarre reason, in spite of the fact that this town apparently runs on the monster girl slave trade where monster girls are sold for mere thousands of gold, when this monster trainer gets into a debt of millions of gold, he’s allowed to keep a few thousand to start his own monster girl bordello, while the monster girls are all sold as slaves. #HumanPrivilige (It’s not really clear how the slave trade works in this story, actually – some monster girls are stated to have been born in captivity, or in the case of the slime girls, even genetically engineered/alchemically altered for use specifically as sex slaves. There’s no real worldbuilding that explains whether all monster types can just be captured on a whim and only slaves are allowed in society or not or whether it’s purely women since you don’t see male monsters or anything beyond the scope of being a porn game because I guess they figured nobody would ask these questions.)

Bizarrely, the creepy slaver guy is treated as some total bro in the game’s narrative.

In any event, you are given orders to repay increasingly large portions of your debt each week or die. See, you’re not really a bad guy for buying slaves and pretty much raping them until they are subservient enough to make good prostitutes, they made you do it. Oh, wait, but he’s a “monster trainer” from the start, and this seems like this isn’t Pokemon, and sex is pretty much the only thing monsters are trained for around here… nevermind, you’re a totally selfish shitbag in this game from start to finish!

Oh, and if you constantly pester your boss/debt holder for sex, you can get her good ending (which includes multiple “happy endings”)

The setting in general is also pretty weird, in that the buildings are generally built like medieval cottages or noble’s manors, the guards all have medieval armor and weapons, but then they have electrical lights, and at one point, they show a bathroom with a modern jacuzzi inside it. It’s unclear whether monster girls are all slaves or not, but you have orcs as regular clients, so I guess they don’t really count as “dangerous monsters”, while they make a note of how monster girls need to be kept bound by magic collars to keep them from going wild and killing humans. (Which also points towards a “Pokemon-style” world where they trap monster girls like some kind of wild animal, even when they’re obviously sentient beings with civilizations like elves, I suppose.)

Gameplay Basics

Gameplay takes place between three modes – a visual novel section where plot or character development is exposited between the other modes, a management section where you do most of your planning, and prostitution mode, where you actually make the money you need.

The management screen, where most decisions take place.

It is only during the management mode that you can save the game or make most decisions. Besides those functions, you can look at what customers will be coming the next night.

You can see exactly which clients will come that night and what their demands will be to shift your own roster around to match. (Also… no relation to that reviewer…)

One particular thing of note is that the game is randomized in terms of what customers come the next night, but by the time you get to save, it’s set in stone. The results of training are likewise not random. This ultimately creates a game where savescumming is largely not rewarding, outside of being willing to restart whole nights just to get particular customers to visit. As someone who is a strategy gamer primarily, this suppression of luck overriding strategy is greatly appreciated. You can freely reload your saves before doing training and get the same results for the same actions, and by doing so, you can test different strategies until you find an effective one.

Achievements exist not just as a means of getting things to pop up on your Steam account, but also as a bonus for New Game+. You can unlock things like extra monster types, increase the training capacity, increase stamina, or carry over monster girls from previous playthroughs to new games. The game also features three difficulty levels (and one achievement that gives you one of those bonuses is for going through hard mode without using new game+ bonuses), so it’s a means of adding in replayability.

Achievements screen

The slave market will sell different types of girls based upon your club rank, which levels up based upon client satisfaction. It’s worth noting that the monstergirls are actually ludicrously cheap for how much men will pay for a few hours with them, and one can make a profit buying a girl for one night, then selling her back off (even at a sale price of 10 gp). (It makes you wonder why, if these Johns are willing to spend that much money on a slave with no training, they don’t just buy one outright?)

One other special thing to note is that only six will be shown at a time, but which six are randomized each time you enter the menu, so the trick to finding one in particular is to just enter and exit the market menu repeatedly until you find what you are looking for. (This is a moderate annoyance in an otherwise generally good interface.)

The slave market screen. Note that even undead mummies apparently go into heat.

At specific set dates, auctions also occur to have rare monster girls for sale. The auctions themselves are scripted and there is a best way to bid that you can explore quickly through reloading, although the statements that the other bidders make is rather amusing. Something else of note is that these mostly consist of palette swap versions of existing monster girls. (An albino harpy is a rare version of a regular harpy, for example.) They have the exact same text and events as the non-rare versions, but have slightly different traits, including the [rare] trait that increases the money you make prostituting them out by 30%. When you include the fact that the auction generally doesn’t cost much more than (or sometimes even less than) the monster girls normally do, and the slaves are probably the cheapest part of your slave empire, there’s essentially no reason not to buy every auction slave.

The auctionhouse is fully deterministic and grants access to unique monster girls at specific prices and dates.

One other basic element of your business is the construction menu, which allows you to upgrade your brothel. At the start of the game, you only have three rooms for monster girls, so upgrading your number of rooms (which often costs an order of magnitude more than the slave, herself) is a critical first step. You can have up to six “active” girl rooms at a time, with “anterooms” being blocks of six rooms for additional “inactive” girls, letting you cycle out certain girls and letting them rest between nights of high activity. Other upgrades, like the sign that gives you more clients, or a PR department that increases the rate of gaining club stars are critical for making more money, and lead to a “snowballing” of gameplay – getting money to spend on upgrades means making more money you can spend on more upgrades more quickly. This is a significant factor in how quickly the game ramps up from dealing in tens of thousands of gold to millions in just a couple weeks.

The construction menu, with upgrades rising drastically in price per increment.

The training menu is your main use of actions, and a significant part of where the porn comes in, provided you use the patch.

The training menu – even it’s tutorial sticks to the tone…

There are up to eight training events for each girl, divided into “soft” and “hard” types. “Soft” types still make the girls scream and beg for mercy when they have low Lewdness, but they generally raise the Affection stat regardless of what the training event’s text says. Most of the training types are locked out until you hit certain thresholds of stats, which are usually requirements of certain levels of Obedience and/or Lewdness to use specific types. The training types that unlock later tend to give significantly more experience towards getting the next star, so it generally pays to move towards those unlocks.

The most significant limiting factor you face is that you only have a certain number of training actions each day, represented as hearts. These go up as you rank up your club, as does the money you make from clients, so ranking up your club is extremely important. The fairy and dark fairy monster girls can also restore their Affection stat in actions once per day, making them probably the best monster girl to make sure you always have.

Beyond that, monster girls have Stamina and Mental. Stamina is restored by 20% to 40% of their maximums each day, but also goes down quickly. If their stamina hits 0, they only restore a small amount of HP that night, but are otherwise fine. Mental represents the psychological capacity of the girl to cope with what she’s going through, and does not restore unless you get certain upgrades, and only goes up by a flat amount even then. If mental hits 0, the girl is mentally “broken”, retreats permanently into a fugue state, and all you can do is dispose of her. The way to restore either of these in a hurry is to either use expendable items or else have the girl “Rest”, which takes up two days.

Pride is a stat that generally just obstructs training, and the same can be said of Shame generally, although Shame is beneficial at low Lewdness. Both tend to hit 0 after a few trainings because nothing raises it back up, except for the Elf who has a special trait to restore Pride when using items on her and a trait that she makes more money the higher her Pride.

Pain is an effect that only appears in training events, but isn’t recorded on the character. Girls take extra Stamina and Mental damage based upon Pain, as well as less training experience and pleasure, and Pain is generally higher in “Hard” training, although even Missionary has 9 Pain. The [Masochist] trait is therefore notable in that it reverses Pain’s effect to a positive, and makes it significantly easier to keep Mental high. (Also, a girl can have [Masochist] and [Sadist] at the same time, in case you’re wondering.) For certain characters, like the fairy, with a lot of high-Pain events, it’s almost mandatory to make sure they have [Masochist] just to keep them sane.

Obedience, Lewdness, and Technique are the three main desired stats by clients, and the main purpose of training is to boost them as high as possible. Each girl has a race-based maximum to each of these stats (indicated by hollow stars), although they can be upgraded by using special items on them. Because these items are expensive and of limited availability, deciding who to upgrade and who to just leave maxed out is a major strategic choice.

Affection, finally, is a stat that makes little difference outside of some traits in game mechanics terms except that having Affection stars triggers affection scenes during the visual novel mode (provided there aren’t any other events that day, they are in the active roster, and someone else’s affection event doesn’t have higher priority, which tends to lead to quite a backlog of affection events to watch), with three Affection stars triggering the “Love” buff, and opening up the possibility of that character’s dedicated ending. (It’s notable that the game’s mechanics basically push you to go purely towards “Hard” trainings that don’t raise Affection for fastest training to make the most money, however.)

Training has an esoteric set of factors that interfere with one another.

Training also can be improved by a combination of other factors, such as building the upgrade that improves your training tools (whatever they might be, since unless you’re upgrading your penis, most training types don’t involve tools), or using items like fairy dust or an aphrodisiac to up the rate of training. Those items last a whole night, so it often directly pays to spend large sums of money on an aphrodisiac and focus all training upon a single girl each night for the doubled (or quadrupled if she maxes Pleasure and orgasms) training effects, which can stack enough training bonuses to take a girl from untrained to maxed out in a single night.

Nights of the full moon also put nearly every monster girl into “heat”. Many different girls are also egg-laying species, which means that you can harvest eggs at that time with a special “Hard” training type just for egg-laying. Eggs can be sold at the Barn location to a creepy old guy that collects them.

Each girl also has traits that are either specific to the monster girl or are personality traits that can be copied onto other girls. These can be things like the specific race type a girl has, which can have major impacts on how they behave. A slime girl, for example, takes 50% less Stamina and Mental damage and needs 25% less time to recover between clients, plus immunity to STDs, making them very durable and able to take on multiple clients per night even if they have no other good traits. A fairy, meanwhile, is vastly less durable, and takes tremendous Stamina damage from clients, but also has extremely useful traits in that she produces fairy dust that can increase the potency of training, and also restore your training actions once per day. Traits have a significant impact on how a girl is trained, and many also appeal to fetishes clients may have, and because of how most are not transferable, traits are the major mechanical reason why you need to have a broad roster of monster girls.

Another thing to note is that certain traits are gained through either upgrading existing traits (the myconid’s Mushroom Spores comes in four levels dependent upon her Lewdness attribute level), by performing specific training ([Anal Preference] comes from 10 anal-related trainings), and some are hidden transformations based upon set requirements (the purely negative Rebellious becomes the positive trait Tsundere at three stars of Affection).

Each character has stars for general attributes and up to 10 special traits customers may request.

You can purchase more than one monster girl of a given type, but they all start off basically clones of one another. However, constructing the Exchange room allows you to transfer personality traits from one monster girl to another. In spite of the name, “exchange” means copying a trait from one girl to another. This requires “exchange points” on the girl whose trait will be copied that are gained through training. You gain more exchange points per training the more you upgrade your exchange room, and once a trait is copied onto a girl, they can then transfer it to others. (Traits like [Masochist] in particular are useful for any girl that has useful training that is painful, as it drastically decreases the stamina and mental taken by training.)

The Exchange room allows the transfer of [personality]-type traits.

Items come from a merchant that has a special menu slot. These have a variety of useful functions, such as energy drinks that restore Stamina to dirty magazines that train Technique for you without using an action, or items that permanently raise a girl’s max stats. All but the most basic items, however, have a limited supply whose stock is added to gradually, and each time you buy an item, the price of that item will rise drastically (typically 50% to 100% in price).

Additionally, this game has an “inflation” mechanic, where every week (just after paying off your debt for the week), the price of everything rises 20-40% on top of the price multiplier for buying previous items. (Weekly inflation? What is this, Zimbabwe?) Beyond this, higher difficulty stacks another 25% or 50% modifier on top of these.

The item merchant menu, which takes after the Resident Evil 4 model of “sketchy guy with a coat-full of goods in a back alley”.

This is, in effect, just a way to balance against the game drastically ramping up how much money you can get in such a short period of time (and why the clients will pay tens of times what you originally paid for the slave to begin with), but it creates some weird side-effects. It pays to spend all your money just before your debt comes due just to get in before the inflation sets in. (Don’t worry, you can make generally around 150% of a week’s entire debt in a single night.)

There is also a “Barn” that lets you sell eggs you harvest from egg-laying monster girls and the mushrooms the myconids produce. Inflation, amusingly, also applies to this, so it pays to save your eggs until after the inflation hits, or for as long as you can go without needing the money just to get the best sale price possible.

Another means of making money outside of prostitution is the Escort service. These are fairly simple requests for monster girls with a specific level of training in a specific attribute to be sent out with a client for 3 or 7 days, with the major problem being that they cannot perform any other tasks for those three days. They also don’t pay as well as prostitution does if you have well-trained girls, but if you have a very large late-game brothel with many girls that aren’t active, then sending them out on escorts is more money than they’d make twiddling their thumbs all day in the apartments.

Sending out a cyclops maid as an escort.

Finally, the major money-making section of the game is the prostitution phase.

Prostitution Phase, where you match slave to client.

In this world, the act of prostitution is rather backwards, in that the client tells the pimp what kind of girl he likes and what his base amount of money to pay is, and the pimp matches one to the client, with the client deciding how much money to actually pay for the girl based upon how satisfied he is with this choice. Nobody apparently just lies about either of these things to save cash.

Clients have a “Desired Type”, that is a request for a certain number of stars of a certain attribute. If you have, say, a client which desires 5 stars of Technique, and you offer a girl with 3 stars of Technique, they will pay you 60% of their base price, but if you send them a 6 star Technique girl, they cap out at 100% in this one field.

“Fetishes” add 50% of their base price per fetish you satisfy, and they can have up to three. The first one is usually a “body type”, or race of monster girl, with a pair of other traits that can be personality traits or non-race body traits like [Small Breasts] or [Tsundere].

Special traits can further increase client satisfaction. Technique gives a bonus per star you possess, certain race types are more valued than others, traits can add directly to satisfaction, and some traits like [Immoral Pollen] can add to client satisfaction just for having a girl with that trait in the “active party”. Clients also have a few traits, like “Orc” that apply to specific traits, in this case, the elf’s [Orc Buster], which makes orcs pay up to 100% more for that girl. (This is a reference to the meme status of orcs raping elves in Japanese hentai.) [Deep Envy] (read as: Yandere) is a trait that gives a bonus to satisfaction the more jealousy stacks the girl accumulates, up to another 50%, although the girl also is drained an equivalent amount of Mental per night.

Finally, a client can pay for extended time, multiplying the money spent by another 50%, if the girl orgasms, it’s another +50%, and if the client is completely run out of his own stamina, you get another +50%, or +100% if the girl has the [Passionate] trait.

String together enough satisfaction multipliers on a “Wealthy” client, and you can earn all the money you need to beat the game in one round.

Finally, at the end of the night, you get a visual novel section where events play out in typical visual novel form. These include a sparse few multiple choice options, although only the ones regarding Milia seem to be very relevant to the story.

Tone and Sexual Content

OK, so, I know this is the sort of thing that a lot of hentai game players hate to hear, but it’s kind of a massive elephant in the room that needs to be pointed out to give an honest impression of the game.

Compared to, oh, say, the recently popular Interspecies Reviewers, where the whole thing is basically a bunch of dirty jokes but all the “succubus girls” are happy to participate in prostitution and there’s no public stigma with prostitution because monstrous humanoids like succubi are integrated into daily life, the setup here is one of sex slavery, which means that rape is an utterly unavoidable topic, even if you ignored the points where the characters directly state they’re being raped.

As I point out more thoroughly in the next section, the text changes drastically when a girl has three Lewdness stars to make her more “thirsty” for it, which creates a severely notable dichotomy between how the events feel in tone.

Happy, happy fun times!

With low Lewdness (which is especially common in the early game, before you have a chance to really train up monster girls easily), the girls are pretty explicit in how they are being raped. I realize this is the kind of fetish some people are fine with, and I am not here to kinkshame, but it’s definitely not my kink, and it may certainly put some people off from the game entirely. Eventually, I wound up just selling the harpy, whom I had a major issue with getting through the begging for mercy and crying, because it just was painful to get through, and I wound up cycling into the roster less stomach-churning characters.

Early game, it can be extremely difficult to get through the prostitution and training phase.

Conversely, once you have three Lewdness stars, the game seems to revel in slut-shaming the girls for being fine with having sex. Not just “being fine with being raped”, but the game just does not stop calling the girls “sluts” any time they talk about them.

Also, Minotaurs are apparently dairy cattle, now.

It’s more than slightly weird when it’s pretty blatantly not their fault, but they want to judge her for it anyway, but again, there’s this massive Madonna-Whore Complex at play in the game.

The angel gets the worst of it.

In fact, the angel “monster girl” is the one that has by far the most hatred of sex, the most rapey/degrading sex scenes, an outright massive resistance to gaining experience in stats like Lewdness, and actually getting her up to liking sex (three Lewdness stars) causes her to become a fallen angel, pretty much directly tying sexuality with immorality for women.

Thanks for providing direct proof of the Madonna-Whore Complex sensibilities of this game in a single line, game!

Additionally, the game is about slaves and what is functionally human sex trafficking. (Yes, they’re not fully human, but again, they’re written as humans with a gimmick, and you are meant to emotionally connect with them on a human level.)

One part of this is that you outright get to be the person who gives these characters their names. What was their previous name? Who cares, it was probably in some other language, anyway. The implications of this isn’t really mentioned in the text.

The renaming menu is a pop-up using the default operating system text box.

You buy and sell characters at your whim, and as previously mentioned, it’s profitable to just buy a new virgin slave, have her service a customer for one night, then sell her off and buy a new virgin the next. (I sure hope they go to some other owner who treats them better than I did…)

The game outright admits they treat the characters like livestock.

The game even directly mentions that the girls hate you and would kill you if not for the magical BS collars that make it so they can’t. (And notably, this also manages to sidestep one of the major societal impacts of slavery in real-life, which is the deep, pervading fear of slave uprisings and being murdered by one’s own slaves.)

But don’t fall in love, ’cause if you do, you’ll find out she don’t love you. She’s one in a million girls.

The game then completely ignores these themes to give you a happy ending if you force the slave to perform enough “Soft” training blowjobs that she somehow rationalizes repeated rape into love and you can get an ending with any of the slave girls. Yay! A happy ending that completely ignores all the messages that the game has been sending to you the whole time!

OK, now call me “Sempai”… or “Commander”… or “Subaru-kun.” (Bonus points for anyone who gets all three references!)

Sexual slavery as a whole is kind of a sub-genre in and of itself in Japan at the moment (thanks, no doubt, to being a country that lacks the same kind of history of actual slavery making it nowhere near as acceptable in the West), and it’s one that has a lot of very severe contradictions within it. It feels like what they want is the sort of class divide issues you might get with a British romance set a century or three ago, but they jump all the way into slavery, without really wanting to actually deal with slavery, and wanting to make it all about pure love and not power dynamics… which begs the question “why slavery”? In particular for the crossover of the Monster Girl sub-genre, there’s a lot of fantastical racism fables where certain types of monstrous humanoids (which is an easy way for fantasy animes to slap a catgirl into the roster) to be in some sort of lower class or outright slavery so that the hero can prove he’s better than everyone by freeing the girl… or not, and just enjoying having a catgirl slave in the harem because that’s what the fans want.

Finally, there’s a few other fetish warnings that should be heeded, as this game features giving certain monster girls diuretics and forcing them to engage in water sports (including the werewolf for “walking the dog” play), which applies to the fetish trait [Wetter], most monster girls go into heat, many of the monster girls will lay eggs every full moon, and there’s some extreme things like inflation training (of the fairy, whose whole body is smaller than the penis that is inserted) or others that can be off-putting to some players.

If you happen to have a fetish for caviar, this game has you covered!

A final bit on the topic of what fetishes this game covers is that the game seems to enjoy choking play enough to forget that it’s dealing with monster girls in the first place. In particular, the mummy is undead and immortal, but when choked it mentions that she gets off “at the risk of her own life.”

Slimes don’t have lungs or other organs, and one sex scene is penetrating her torso, but apparently, the airway matters if they want to have asphyxiation play.

Then again, the mummy’s ending involves her being pregnant and mentioning it’s important for her to wear bandages because otherwise people wouldn’t be able to tell she’s a mummy, so mummies are maybe immortal, but mostly just tanned humans (the mummy gets the trait [Gyaru]) that wear strips of white cloth.

Ludo-Narrative Dissonance

A significant issue with the game is how the story seems to fight with the actual numbers-based simulation.

A good example is how the Lamia-type monster girl with low lewd will respond to a client by saying “Don’t touch me! You filthy mammal!”, spend the whole sex scene complaining that she’s not taking the lead while the client complains about her, but then she charms the client because she has [Virgin Eater] which indicates she has a commanding presence that ensnares less confident clients.

Truly, the words of someone captivated by her commanding presence…

What text is displayed during a round of prostitution is based solely upon the monster girl in question, whether she is a virgin, and whether she has 3 stars of lewdness or not. The client doesn’t matter at all, so a virgin client portrayed as being so hesitant that “anyone will do”, to someone who explicitly has a water sports fetish, to someone with the “Rough Customer” trait and a title like “The Kaiser of Spanking” that likes masochists, to even an orc that only shouts out stuff like “GUOOOOH! WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?!” are all exactly the same when the event starts.

The “playboy technique” doesn’t quite impress all the ladies…

This also applies to the tone of the game. The difference between whether a girl enjoys sex during the events or not depends solely upon whether she has three stars or not, but mechanically, it makes little difference. Regardless of all the crying and begging for mercy in the event with low Lewdness, what actually determines how much Mental a girl loses from sex is her Technique stat. A girl with three Lewdness stars or more always cums in the text, but the Pleasure meter determines whether she does or not for the game mechanics, and clients pay an additional 50% if she does, so it’s notable that they generally do not.

In fact, the Technician-type client will inflict a “Cheating” debuff on a girl if she maxes out her Pleasure bar with that client, which carries with it the implication that she’s cuckolding her pimp… somehow… in a way that she wasn’t already by, you know, being a prostitute to start with. (This reduces the effectiveness of training until you raise her affection stat again, so it’s actually a fairly major annoyance you want to avoid.)

It’s also notable that three Affection stars causes the girl to fall in love with you, although this has absolutely no impact upon the text of events at all outside of the affection events triggering at all. Three Affection stars, however, does cause a “Love” buff to apply to the girl in question (after you see the three star Affection event), which significantly boosts training and raises the maximum stars training can give a girl… so apparently, women are better prostitutes when they love their pimp?

On the whole, it feels like there could have been just a little more effort spent writing some more lines for the clients in the prostitution phase to make their lines in the prostition events even slightly match up with what wacky lines they say before and after the events.

Story and Goals

Ultimately, it’s almost laughably easy to way more money than you’ll ever need to finish the game. You only need around 2 million for the whole game, and by the late game, you can pull in that much in a single night. You tend to spend the overwhelming bulk of your money on construction upgrades or consumable items trying to make even more ludicrous amounts of money.

That said, the actual endings to the game besides losing are to either end up with Milia, a single slave girl you “romance” by raising their Affection stars, or have a harem if you “romance” several.

Milia is the girl who put you in debt in the first place by pestering her for sex every chance you get until she falls in love with you for it. (Again, it seems “love” is easily confused for “worn down by repeated sexual aggression” in this game.)

The other girls are all slaves that have affection scenes that start out with the girls being either terrified of you or hating your guts and swearing bloody revenge.

Arachne’s 0-affection event.

They then ramp up alarmingly quickly into acceptance or outright sneaking into your room at night to have yet more sex.

Arachne’s 5-Affection event.


The game runs on what is typical for visual novel controls, namely, almost exclusively left clicking interface buttons, with right-clicking to cancel, and mouse wheel to show logs. Control to quick-skip and escape to go back to window form are basically the only keyboard controls.

I’m a staunch advocate of custom keyboard controls for every PC game, however, the extremely limited nature of keyboard controls in this case means there’s no significant problems no matter what kind of keyboard you use.

A minor issue is that, when entering a menu, there is an animation as all the icons on the interface either move into position or fade into view. Clicks make a sound, but are ignored by the game during this time. This is an issue because of the other interface gripe I have with the monster market menu, which is that their selection is randomized each time you enter, so you have to rapidly enter and exit the menu to find what you’re looking for, and there’s that second of pause between when it shows the button and when you can click it. I don’t see why there can’t just be tabs and more than six monster girls in the market at the same time. That said, the fact that this is the most annoying issue I can bring up itself probably says what you need to know about how generally good the interface is.


Bifrost has no voice acting, its sound effects seem to be stock assets of a limited variety (the same “splort” sound effect is used for kissing as is used for penetration), and its music is a limited number of what are fairly generic tunes (including some oddly out of place jazzy songs). This is clearly a game made on a budget, and sound was lower on the priority list. Set the music to mute and play your own tunes.


The game only runs at a single resolution – 1024 x 768. You can maximize the game, but it simply stretches the window out to fit and puts it in a letterbox if you have a widescreen resolution. If you go into the *.ini files to change the resolution (or if you for some reason have the config.ini file deleted or corrupted and re-initialized to 800 x 600), you will find that the game just stretches the screen past the window while having the buttons be in different locations from where the text or graphics show them to be.

The images for the characters and events are also generally a single image for each training event, with a minor modification or two to change the facial expression for different stages of lewdness and one “after coming” image with fluids shown. (If you don’t have the patch, you’ll basically only see one graphic for each monster girl.)

Myconid at low Lewdness.
Myconid at 3+ Lewdness.

Even the prostitution events use the same event graphic as one of the training (generally “missionary” or “doggy”), and don’t even change out the male. (Even when making a palette swap to greenish skin for an orc customer would be easy.)


For the type of game it is, and the budget it likely had, there’s actually very little to complain about game-wise besides the way that the mechanics so rarely match up with the text. That said, you need to have a pretty specific set of kinks to really get into this kind of story, and its tone is definitely going to be a major turn-off for many people. In particular, the game has a brutality for some of the girls that just would not sit well on many stomachs.

I also have to point out that spending just a little more work on making the different clients have different interactions than just one for all clients would make the game feel far more interesting and engaging for relatively little extra work. (How hard is it to palette swap the generic guy in the events green for the orcs?)

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