PREVIEW: Nexomon

Nexomon is an impressive Pokemon inspired game with a ton of gameplay improvements and unique creatures to capture and battle.

Released: Steam Early Access
Type: Single-player
Genre: RPG, JRPG
Developer: VEWO Interactive Inc.
Publisher: VEWO Interactive Inc.
Release date: 29 November, 2019


Nexomon is a very popular mobile game that’s being ported to PC through Steam’s Early Access feature. The game is larely complete already and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s mostly been bug fixing and balancing so far. All of the microtransactions were removed from the game as well which is a huge improvement. If I’ve caught your attention already, read on to learn more about the game!

A Beach Themed Town Later In The Game

Story and Setting

Nexomon features a slightly more mature story than it’s inspiration. The world was invaded by an incredibly powerful being known as the Nexolord who brought about evil creatures known as Nexomon to terrorize the world. After the Nexolord was banished by a legendary hero, humans and Nexomon lived in peace for quite some time. Your character lives in the distant future and becomes the next legendary hero to stop the Nexolord. There are nefarious people plotting the return of the Nexolord and it’s up to you to stop them. It’s a pretty standard JRPG storyline in truth, one that I’ve seen numerous times over the years.

The game world is pretty expansive and encompasses 10 regions total for you to explore. Each region has it’s own unique design, enemies, and areas to explore.

A Nexomon Battle In A Higher Level Region


The game is played pretty much identically to the games that inspired it but there are many small things that I actually like better in this game than in Pokemon.

First and foremost is exploration. Exploration plays a big part in the game and you’ll need to wander around to discover Nexomon, as well as hidden items. One of the first small details that I liked was that the game shows you where the Nexomon are hiding in tall grass. This makes it incredibly easy to initiate a battle in order to level up or capture new Nexomon to add to your party.

Another small detail that I really liked is in the game’s battle system. Instead of using a PP system like Pokemon, the game utilizes a stamina system that allows you to use any attack as long as the Nexomon has the Stamina.

Another nice to have feature is when you’re choosing your very first Nexomon. Instead of getting to choose one of 3 creatures like in Pokemon, you get to choose from around 9 starters Nexomon, one from each element, which makes choosing one slightly more difficult but the wider selection is definitely nice to have.

There are tons of other small improvements throughout the game that really enhance the whole experience that you’ll discover if you choose to pick up the game.

A Cutscene Featuring A Powerful Enemy

Art and Audio

As of right now the game doesn’t have any resolution options or any graphics options in general so you’re limited to what the default is. That said, the game feature some incredibly clean and very impressive art work that’s a mixture between an anime style and 16-bit, it looks great. The animations the game has are quite good as well, and each of the Nexomon in battle are animated very well.

The game’s audio is pretty decent as well and features some cheerful music as you explore. The music dynamically changes depending on the scene and area that you’re in as well.

Another Scene Featuring A Powerful Enemy At Sea


Overall, from what I’ve seen so far, Nexomon will surely please any fan of the Pokemon series. The game also introduces a wide range of small improvements to the overall formula that is very welcome and really add to the experience. If you’re in the market for a Pokemon themed game on PC then look no further than Nexomon. It’s already complete and the developers are ironing out the port through Early Access. I’ll put this one on my Save list, it’s a great game and it’ll be even better once everything is completely ironed out.

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December 2019

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