PREVIEW: Iris.Fall (Demo)

PREVIEW: Iris.Fall (Demo)

Beautifully hand-drawn puzzler, looks very promising!

Steam: Upcoming
Type: Single-player
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: NEXT Studio
Publisher: NEXT Studio
Release date: Nov, 2018

I had the pleasure of playing a 10 minute demo and I’m most definitely left wanting more. This is a puzzle platformer with the main mechanic being that your character can switch between solid and shadow mode. This is by no means an original concept, in fact just the other day I played The Mooseman which offers much the same kind of thing.

The first thing I’d say about Iris.Fall is that the artwork alone is worth the price of admission. Even during my short play time I’ve been treated to a feast of eye candy, interspersed with plenty of little cutscenes, mini games and so forth. The ingredients are all there promising a rich, satisfying puzzler.

Difficulty: most of it so far has been very easy and I was starting to worry that it might not provide any challenge, but I was relieved to find a nice 3D ‘turn the gears to line up the steps’ puzzle at the end of the demo that hinted at some useful challenges ahead.

Check out the release trailer in our news announcement and keep your eyes peeled here for a full review once the game is released.

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