NEWS: A Light in the Dark, Kickstarted


NEWS: A Light in the Dark, Kickstarted

A new collaborative project by Crespirit, Storia, and Narrator, launches on Kickstarter!

Steam: Released
Type: Single-player
Genre: Casual
Developer: CreSpirit , Storia ,
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 31 May, 2018

Sekai Project is proud to bring you the latest collaborative project from the teams who brought you Rabi-Ribi and Companion! Crespirit, Storia, and Narrator have joined forces to bring you a new Visual Novel project!

This new Kickstarter campaign is launching to give fans the chance to receive limited goods exclusive to Kickstarter and support creators that bring us our favorite titles!

Head to the Kickstarter

Project Trailer for A Light in the Dark

When Hao-Chen Jiang finally opened his eyes, he didn’t grasp how dire of a situation he’d gotten himself into. He’s in a dark room, it’s cold, damp, and his hands are bound behind him on an uncomfortable chair. He’s been kidnapped.

But when the girl comes out from the dark to explain how they are expecting a ransom in exchange for his life, he will come to find this isn’t just about money.

A young rich man stuck in a dull never changing monotony of life…
A girl struggling to survive this dog eat dog world…
These are two people from opposite sides of life.

Will their preconceived thoughts of each other widdle away? Or will they stick to their convictions and prejudices?

This collaboration between developers Crespirit, Storia, and Narrator is sure to please! With hits under their belt such as Rabi-Ribi and Companion, be sure to check out their previous titles before the release of A Light in the Dark.

We’ll be bringing you reviews of Rabi-Ribi and Companion shortly, and A Light In The Dark eventually we hope!

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