REVIEW: Evo Explorers

Evo Explores is a short and beautiful “4D” puzzle indie game, similar to Monument Valley and Back to Bed.

Steam: Released

Developer: Kyrylo Kuzyk

Publisher: Kyrylo Kuzyk

Genre: 4D Puzzle

Release date: 16 May, 2016

What is happening in the game:

You are a robot, traveling through a wonderful world that couldn’t possibly exist outside the computer screen. As you progress, you slowly uncover the story bit by bit, however, the game becomes more difficult, too.

  • 4D | I can’t even describe how good does it feel to interact with an impossible world, yet walk your character in it like it’s all normal. Spinning parts or the whole environment opens a different world that just shouldn’t be where it is. The mechanics are done perfectly, there are no bugs and I can hardly imagine the developer doing a better job.
  • Learning Curve | Although the puzzles may seem a little easy at first, the game does a really good job at introducing you to the way it works. The learning curve is not at all steep, so you should have no problems getting through the levels. They are still somewhat challenging, but none of them is extremely hard. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons why this game was so charming for me.
  • Atmosphere | The atmosphere is, surprisingly, also one of the best things in this game. The game is very calm and relaxed, which is great. The music is very relaxing and the animations work that way, too. I finished the game in one evening since I didn’t want to continue the next day and this is just because I like being calm before going to sleep. This game helped me achieve that.

  • Achievements | There are 8 achievements in this game. Five of them can be achieved just by completing the game, the other 3 have to be worked on a bit more. In case the game itself was not difficult enough for you, those achievements can bring you some extra challenge for your brains. In my opinion, they are quite a bit more difficult than the game itself, which makes those achievements great additional content.
  • Story | The story is constantly present in the game. You uncover it as you move forward in the game and the story is quite interesting. It’s not going to win awards or anything, but it’s still a good addition to the game.
  • Pricing | At $2, I don’t think this game costs a lot. It’s not long, that’s true, but it’s really well made, so I think it’s a very fair price.
  • Supported OSs | You can play Evo Explores on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Great!

  • Length | I have 119 minutes recorded on Steam and that is because I also left the game open while eating dinner and brushing my teeth. Overall, I needed about 90 minutes to beat the game, which means that I need about 29 minutes to eat a bowl of corn flakes and clean my teeth afterwards. The game could’ve been longer since you can complete it in one sitting, but since the game is not too expensive, I don’t think this is a major problem. Oh, and the developer is working on a sequel already.
  • Lack of Steam Cloud Support | Sadly, Steam Cloud saving is not supported. I feel like this should always be a thing with puzzle games where progress actually matters, although this is also not a very big problem since the game is quite short. But still.
  • No Trading Cards | This game also doesn’t have Trading Cards. It’s a shame, I would love to have some nice-looking backgrounds.

The final verdict:

My feelings towards this game are very positive. The 4D graphics are astonishing and the game itself is also very calming. For about an hour and a half of content, I think that the price is very fair. The levels are very well-made and they are certainly very enjoyable.
If you have the money and you enjoy puzzle games, this game is a must-buy. I really enjoyed it and you will probably too.

RATING: 76/100

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September 2016

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