REVIEW: Hacknet

Author: mzehnmzehn

Status: Released

Developer: Team Fractal Alligator

Publisher: Surprise Attack

Genre: Indie, Simulation

Release Date: 12.8.2015

It all begins with the disappearance of a fellow hacker, along with the few unexplained questions. You’ll follow the leads of corporate espionage before getting preoccupied with contracting for several hacking affiliations who want your help . Each contract you take has its own unique story and premise, and you will have to tediously read all documents to get to the bottom of each one.

Your objective is simple, take what you need, harm no one, and get out. On top of that, you will also be tasked with stopping other malicious hackers who seek only to gain from their craft rather than save

Only near the end will the story kinda violently kick-in, along with the difficulty.Conclusion of both is somewhat weirdly paced and you feel that early on. Majority of the story reserves itself until the very end. That is also the most interesting time in the game. Hacknet only provides subsistent information as is, and near game’s end you’ll have even less. To proceed requires you do exactly what the designer had in mind and follow their trail of logic. Hence the hundreds of confused people across various forums and message-boards.

I don’t enjoy having my hand held, in any variation of a video game, but a game based off a system that requires precise commands down to the upper-casing needs to be more specific itself. Otherwise you get the p’n’c riddle in outdated fashion, but still if leaves you with enough interest to make it to the next sequence.

Hacknet could easily come under media revise and find itself being accused of training people to become hackers, but the game is not so complex for that criticism to be valid nor simple enough that it isn’t worth playing. Superficially it may appear that way but it’s far from being some sort of serious hacking simultion.

Hacnet is much of the same thing for ten hours, and that’s the irony of Hacknet; doing repeatedly something you’ve probably never done before. Play it if you never played anything like this before, it’s worth to atleast widen your gaming horizons. And perhaps you may find yourself enjoying it, as many „hackers“ around the web do.

Written by
Dead Parrot
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October 2015

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