Crash Bandicoot animations found


Crash Bandicoot animations found

You probably wonder when was the last time you heard anything about Crash Bandicoot and even played that legendary game.

Apparently developers planned to implement cartoon animations to the game. In the video below we can see familiar characters from the game and this animations were planned to be used in the game.

“This video is test animation that was done for Crash Bandicoot,” said David Siller. “Produced by Universal Animation early in the development of the game. It was based on ideas for where we were going with this IP at that time. It was probably too ambitious in nature and was also trying to be humorous.”

“It was never used or even embedded in the game as a hidden “easter egg” treat,” he added. “There are many close to the development of the original game that do not even know that this material even existed.”

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