Gigantic to Open a Server in Europe


Gigantic to Open a Server in Europe

While the early stages of Gigantic were limited to North America, we’ve just got to know that Motiga decided to respond to the overwhelming sign-ups for this brand-new MOBA title by launching a European Alpha server on December 17.

Gigantic is really resonating with European gamers – in fact, we have more alpha registrants from Europe than anywhere else in the world,” told David Reid, senior vice president of publishing at Motiga. “Our European fans have been so patient in waiting to get access to the game. We’re thrilled to be opening the first of many European servers, and we look forward to hearing what they think of Gigantic.

Slated for launch throughout 2015, Gigantic aims at re-defining the MOBA genre with the introduction of physics-based abilities and controls that allow for aiming, dodging and destroying the environment.

You may watch the announcement trailer here:

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