Industry City Patrol – New Game Mode


Industry City Patrol – New Game Mode

Madness has erupted in Industry City! Industry City Patrol is recruiting Heroes level 12 and higher to join the continually running fight against evil.

Located on the industrial waterfront section of Brooklyn, New York City, Industry City Patrol has some exciting features:

  • New bosses including the Mindless Titan, Batroc the Leaper, and Spider-Man clones!
  • Additional bosses including Mister Hyde, Kirigi, Kingpin, Lizard, Kraven, Grim Reaper, and more
  • Improved spawning technology to reduce lag
  • Brand new artifacts!
  • New medallions!
  • New uniques found nowhere else, including unique rings!
  • Additional powers for Rogue to steal and mobs for Emma Frost to mind control

Industry City Patrol also introduces multi-phase events that affect which mobs spawn in the City and where. This encourages collaboration with your fellow Heroes to progress to the next phase. However, work together carefully, as you can fail phases!

With this added risk comes great reward – Heroes who participate will receive a special Industry City Patrol Reward Box for each phase completed! Each box contains a multi-boss loot drop, so what are you waiting for!? Get out there and BE SOMEBODY!

First-Ever Industry City Patrol Event!

Those honorable heroes that complete 5 phases of Industry City Patrol between today and Monday (up to a maximum of once per day) will be given a random fortune card upon completion.

Additionally, our newest boost arrives just in time for Industry City Patrol – the Patrol Boost! Patrol Boosts give you a 100% Bonus to SIF, RIF, and Orb Attraction Range. They also have a chance to give Heroes an awesome jackpot loot explosion from Brooklyn and Midtown bosses, showering the floor with Patrol-specific loot & riches!

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