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Our Belated GOTY Games of 2016

2016 was a mixed year for video games, but it definitely isn’t surprising given how much it had to live up to the amazing year that was 2015. Instead, 2016 was a huge wake-up call to a bunch of developers […]


Playstation Now: A Hands on Review of Sony’s Service for PC

Playstation Now intrigued me the instant I found out about it.  Sony offering PS3 games streamed straight to my PC; I’m pretty sure I had a sparkle eyed, open mouth look of amazement.  I skipped the last few generations of […]


Sunday Theme: End of WoW era?

In recent news, we published that World of Warcraft have lost more than 2 million subscribers. That is a big loss for Blizzard and to be more shocking, the most of the subscribers that stopped playing WoW are from China. […]