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OPINION : Dear Bethesda, stop trying to commercialise the mod scene.

(Opinion pieces are just that, they are the opinion of a specific author, they are not representative of the views of the site, nor do they attempt to frame as fact the events described, they are merely the authors’ interpretation […]


[First Impressions] Persona 5 Makes A Stylish Entrance

Let’s talk about the first few hours of Persona 5 Please follow and like us:


ARTICLE: Underrated Mobile Games From The Past Year

Every year there are so many mobile games that it starts to get hard to keep track of all of them. It helps that app stores highlight the newest and best offerings, but even with these featured lists it’s easy […]


Alphabet Backlog – A is for Another World

  Episode 1: A is for Another World   Hey! I’d like to introduce my brand new series of articles called the Alphabet Backlog, in which I will go over a selection of games from my Steam Library that I […]


Our Belated GOTY Games of 2016

2016 was a mixed year for video games, but it definitely isn’t surprising given how much it had to live up to the amazing year that was 2015. Instead, 2016 was a huge wake-up call to a bunch of developers […]


Playstation Now: A Hands on Review of Sony’s Service for PC

Playstation Now intrigued me the instant I found out about it.  Sony offering PS3 games streamed straight to my PC; I’m pretty sure I had a sparkle eyed, open mouth look of amazement.  I skipped the last few generations of […]


Sunday Theme: End of WoW era?

In recent news, we published that World of Warcraft have lost more than 2 million subscribers. That is a big loss for Blizzard and to be more shocking, the most of the subscribers that stopped playing WoW are from China. […]