Author: The Mute Cynic


REVIEW: Tentacult! – Glitchy Tentacles

Tentacult! could best be described as a casual swarm control game, getting from point A to point B while adding as many creatures to your swarm as possible. It has a cute aesthetic, a simple story and offers 8 levels […]


PREVIEW: Dragon Knight – Dragon Killing Specialist

Dragon Knight is a 2D side-scrolling fighter reminiscent of titles such as the original Golden Axe and Dragon’s Crown. All of the staples are here: healing and attack items to pick up, multiple areas that are blocked until all enemies […]


PREVIEW: Silhouette – Noir Sneak Peak

Exploration titles have been releasing off and on for the past couple of years and many tend to devolve into story-driven walking simulators with a bit of object interaction. I was getting a very similar vibe when I played through […]


REVIEW: Super Jagua – Super Platformer Tribute Band

2016 has been a very lopsided year for games in the indie sector and even major developers have been feeling the pinch. Remasters, spiritual successors and original products have flooded the markets with varying degrees of success. Massive budgets have […]


REVIEW: Survival Kingdom – 100 Years of RNG

Simulations have become increasingly popular over the years and now include subjects such as dating, survival, wartime management and even janitorial servicing. One of my personal favorites has always been castle sims made popular by classics such as Stronghold and […]


REVIEW: Octave

Anate Studio is a new developer that has just released their first title, Octave. 2D in nature, the game blends a healthy dose of point n’ click interaction with the gloomy overtones of a horror game. Octave plays and feels […]