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REVIEW: Death’s Hangover

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PREVIEW: Dropzone – Rigging up Kavash

Dropzone has made it to open beta after spending the last six months in closed beta status. With this new stage in development, Sparkypants Studios decided to bring their MOBA style strategy game to Early Access as they creep closer […]


REVIEW: REALPOLITIKS – Junior’s First Grand Strategy

Realpolitiks is a geopolitical real-time strategy game with the ability to lead any contemporary nation found in modern times. Bolstered by a beautifully rendered over-world map and stellar event artwork, this new entry to the grand-strategy genre provides the player […]


PREVIEW: Economic Conquest – Fluctuating Domination

Economic Conquest is an economic strategy game developed and published by Frismos. This will mark the developer’s first venture into the Early Access program as well as their first Steam release. The game offers thirty missions with six of them […]


REVIEW: Tiny Guardians – Guardian Escort Service

Tiny Guardians is an escort defense title developed by the Malaysian-based studio, Kurechii. Originally released on the IPhone and IPad back in February 2016, the game offers a different spin on the traditional tower defense model by focusing on the […]


PREVIEW: Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy title by the developers over at HeroCraft. They are no strangers to the strategy genre, making several medieval and modern themed games over the past year. It has been over a […]


REVIEW: Fly O’Clock – Jumping the Hour Away

Fly O’Clock is a simple endless jumper developed by the people over at Digital Melody, who also worked on games such as Timberman and Surfingers. Each of these games share the same basic idea of endless game play that will […]