Dollhouse coming to PS4 and PC


Dollhouse coming to PS4 and PC

Publisher SOEDESCO collaborates with developer Creazn Studio for the release of the PlayStation 4 and PC boxed version of narrative film noir horror game Dollhouse. The game hits the shelves worldwide later this year.

Dollhouse is a narrative horror game that pays homage to 1950’s film noir. The game has an intricate Stephen King-like story that utilizes suspense rather than jump scares. The narrative is self-constructing and immerses players in a world that is affected by their choices.

Craft your own story
The story of Dollhouse centers inside the mind of Marie, a detective trying to unravel her past. The player can use the help of a big cast of characters to gradually progress further into Marie’s mind. They can create their own experience by choosing which paths they take.

Dollhouse has a single player campaign mode and online versus multiplayer.

– Craft your own story: your reality is what counts
– 1950’s film noir style: dive into a world with a ‘noir’ 1950’s atmosphere
– Map generator: explore the randomly generated aspect of the campaign
– 14 playable characters: experience 14 different characters, all with unique stories and abilities
– 5 player versus multiplayer: become the dominant persona in the current mind

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