First massive update coming to Skyforge


First massive update coming to Skyforge

The newest MMO Skyforge is getting massive update called Crucible of the Gods on 11th August.

Here are some of the new additions:

Divine Form

Players at 30,500 Prestige will gain access to the new Divine Atlas, which will unlock a “New God” storyline as well as the Divine Form.


Pantheons will be able to mark special distortions on their tactical globe which will then allow ten players to teleport to an enemy’s lair. Once in the lair, they will have to overcome four powerful opponents. The rewards are very worth it though.


These large scale events will task players with defending battlefields from ruthless invaders. Succeeding in Invasions will allow progress to be made in the Divine Atlas at a faster pace due to big bonuses which don’t count toward the weekly limit.


Five players can get together in a large open area to complete activities which can award Ether Resonators that turn into Sparks for the Ascension Atlas.


Ten players will rally together to explore two unique adventures designed to test them against the strongest creatures in Aelion. This is meant as end-game content that will have epic rewards for those that succeed.

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