Warframe gets major update


Warframe gets major update

If you are maybe fed up with Warframe or you are just waiting for new content to come to the game, then this is right time for you to get back to the game.

The most important thing is that movement system will get a huge overhaul with players now able to double jump, latch to walls, wall dash and aim glide

The player movement changes look set to be big, but arguably bigger is the addition of new Archwing submersibles, allowing ocean exploration and, inevitably, new combat scenarios in modes ranging Defense, Survival, Capture, Rescue, Mobile Defense, Exterminate and Sabotage. The new boss battle sees the return of a newly miffed Tyl Regor.

There are five new weapons, too. The Ack and Brunt (Tyl Regor’s custom axe and shield), the Grattler (an explosive Archwing canon), Harpak (an automatic harpoon gun), Kulstar (cluster-rocket launcher) and the Twin Grakatas.

Here’s a rundown of some other additions:

Daily Challenges: Earn additional Standing with Teshin’s Conclave by completing Daily Challenges.
New Conclave Maps: Apex (Annihilation/Team Annihilation), The Spire (Capture the Cephalon) and The Pit (Annihilation/Team Annihilation)
Conclave Mods: Purchase 19 new Conclave Mods through Standing from Teshin.


Retriever Kubrow: Trained to retrieve valuable resources for its master.
Kubrow Armor: Outfit your Kubrow with new Rostam and Valinn Decorative Armor.

Izvara: The exclusive garment of Tenno chosen to protect the Orokin Council of Executors.
Nelumbo: Worn to honor the Lotus.
Udyat: A flowing ribbon of silken fabric, crowned with a star.
Vanquished Banner: Add insult to injury by mocking the Grineer with their own banner.

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