"New 'Overlord' will be a pleasant surprise" claims Codemasters


"New 'Overlord' will be a pleasant surprise" claims Codemasters

The game’s new direction has “come as a surprise to our fanbase, but I guess we just ask that fans give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised.”

For many fans this new turn the series has taken is surely not expected, and keeping an open mind about it could prove to be easier said than done. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a big change in some respects, but it’s also very faithful in others,” says the studio. “This is the main reason we didn’t title it Overlord III. We’ve never even used that name in the office. Once we knew the game was going to be a spinoff (pretty much day one) we realised that’s how the game needed to be.”

Codemasters has a active Q&A blog where you can learn much more about game’s changes, and a “Know Your Minions” video has also been released

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