Rumor about new WoW expansion


Rumor about new WoW expansion

Same person that leaked Warlords of Draenor expansion, these days have a lot of informations about new expansion apparently coming.

Story: World of Warcraft 7.0 is an expansion about Naga, and the main villain is Azshara(The names of other villain are unknown).
New Class: Apart from Mail armor, there are three different classes under each armor type, moreover only hunters can use bow and gun now. It’s safe to assume that the new class is a range DPS/healer wearing Mail. Shadowstalker and Demon Hunter are likely to be the new class.
Maps: Maps are related to Sea. New zone are The Valarian Depths, Zandalar, Kul Tiras, Kezan, Tel’Abim, Plunder Isle, The Rift and Broken Isles.

The Dark Prophet

Zul and Azshara are the main villains.

After the last defeat Zul has asked Rastakhan for more support, but Rastakhan has lost the confidence in Zul and refuses support. In a big coup, Zul has Rastakhan assassinated and assumes control of the Zandalari.

The Zandalari trolls ally with the naga, whose goal it is to flood the continents and raise the ocean level.

The big focus of the expansion will be on night elves and trolls, with Malfurion and Vol’jin being the main heroes.

This is Vo’jin’s big opportunity to prove himself as the warchief of the Horde.

A big emphasis will be on Vol’jin’s loyalty to the Horde, despite the opportunity to be part of a newly risen troll empire. His story will be about resisting the temptation to join the Zandalari and stay with his family.

This is the South Seas expansion that so many players want.

New class will be Shadowstalker.

Trolls, Blood Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Forsaken, Humans, Dwarves, Worgen, Night Elves and Gnomes will be able to be this class.

The class will be a ranged class that uses bows, crossbows and guns, and it will have a heavier focus on magic attacks.

Specs are Dark Ranger, Spirit Mending and Shadow Hunter. Dark Ranger and Shadow Hunter are dps specs and Spirit Mending is a healing spec.

New Shadowstalkers will start at level 1, but players who buy The Dark Prophet will be able to create 1 Shadowstalker character at level 100.

New levelcap will be 110.

The expansion will have 8 zones.

The Valarian Depths, Zandalar, Kul Tiras, Kezan, Tel’Abim, Plunder Isle, The Rift and Broken Isles.

The two starting zones will be The Valarian Depths and Zandalar.

The Valarian Depths are an underwater zone with naga, similar to Vashj’ir, but smaller. It serves as the intro to the storyline revolving around the naga. The story in this zone deals with Ozumat and the kidnapped Neptulon.

Zandalar used to be the capital of the Zandalari, before it was destroyed in the Cataclysm. This zone is completely ruined. Players will get here and figure out what happened to the trolls, and what they are up to.

After the starting zone players in each zone will board a ship that will lead them to either Kul Tiras for the Alliance or Kezan for the Horde. These zones will serve as the capitals for the factions, Players will get their own ship here, which they will use to travel around the islands. Around the capitals there will also be some questing.

Tel’Abim is a tropical paradise. A group of peaceful trolls, the Sunspear tribe, live here. The zone is mostly light-hearted. Players have to help the Sunspear tribe against a new pygmy-like race that is giving them trouble.

Plunder Isle is a pirate island. Here people can recruit pirates for their crew.

The Rift will be the first of two endgame zones. Here lies the naga city of Nazjatar.

The Broken Isles are a group of islands, and it is the second endgame zone, that is overrun by a mix of troll and naga forces. Here the naga and trolls are going through the ruins of the Tomb of Sargeras in search for powerful artifacts. The Tomb of Sargeras will be a dungeon.

Players will not only be able to travel with their ship from island to island, but also be able to explore the open seas and hidden islands. They will be able to recruit a crew of pirates. Depending on what pirates you pick, they will contribute in different ways to your ship. For example you can get a cook for your ship, which will unlock exclusive cooking recipes and who will be able to cook for you. Other pirates might contribute with different abilities, like professions or as a barber on your ship, or by offering rare quests.

Blizzard returns to creating multiple dungeons per zone. Expect about 2-3 dungeons in most zones.

The Guardian of Tirisfal 

– expansion will lead us back to azeroth
– main villains are gul’dan, illidan and azshara
– twilight’s hammer, azshara and the legion combine forces
– hero class demon hunter, starts at level 100
– revamped faction cities, exodar repaired and floating, draenei and silvermoon flyable, gnomeregan and gilneas real alliance cities
– revamped arathi highlands, dustwallow marsh, tirisfal glades and silithus
– stromgarde a forsaken town, thassarian tries to free koltira from sylvanas
– magatha tries to summon an ocean behemoth with the doomstone and attack durotar
– old god minions emerge from the ground in tirisfal
– strong old god theme in the zones
– timewalker zones, players at max level will have their level scaled down and receive upscaled rewards
– new zones include emerald dream and south seas
– eye of ysera is the new starting zone of the night elves, after the son of ragnaros has taken revenge and burned down teldrassil
– nazjatar was raised from the ocean by gul’dan and is a level 109-110 zone
– tel’abim, plunder isle, broken isles, zandalar, kul tiras and kezan will be zones
– nazjatar will have two raids, rift of aln and a raid with naga
– another raid will lead us underground in tirisfal
– illidan will work as a double agent and team up with wrathion
– gul’dan infuses old god minions with demonic energy
– turalyon and alleria return
– magni is back and he reclaims his throne, has his daughter executed
– thrall returns as the racial leader of the orcs
– thrall has taken grommash with him to orgrimmar
– yrel joins us on azeroth to support us in the continued fight against the legion
– med’an will appear and will be trained by khadgar
– the forming of the council of tirisfal will happen and med’an is set up as the next guardian
– med’an will be the big hero of the expansion

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