EverQuest II gets Time-Locked Expansion servers


EverQuest II gets Time-Locked Expansion servers

All new “Time-Locked Expansion” servers are available now in EverQuest II, allowing players to lay the ground for their own communities from the beginning and to decide their servers’ fate!

“There’s nothing like starting on a fresh server!” – many MMO fans would argue. A time when many players are rolling in with their new characters and starting new adventures in the land of Norrath.

So, what exactly are these new Time-Locked Expansion servers, Storm Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP)?

These are special servers for All Access members that are locked to a period in EverQuest II’s history. As time passes additional expansion content will unlock on these servers, and you can even vote on unlocking preferences on EverQuest II official website (polls run until June 23.). They will also be polling each server community after launch so those players can determine their server’s future.

Your choices will impact how the TLE servers thrive! We’ll be looking to the player community for feedback and running in-game polls to see what YOU want on these servers.

Players can find more info here

And new assets are available here

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