FPS module coming soon to Star Citizen


FPS module coming soon to Star Citizen

Long waited and already once delayed FPS module is according to Cloud Imperium coming soon to Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts said in recent interview that after few months of delaying Star Marine is coming in next few weeks.

“When I made the [Letter from the Chairman] update — when we showed it at PAX East, we said we hoped it was going to be out sometime in April, but ‘don’t hold me to that’ was what I actually said,” Roberts said.

“We did the update in May, and obviously people have been waiting a long time for it. A large amount of the company, especially now, has been working on it. We’ve got extra help from the German studio, which is a bunch of CryEngine experts. I’ve got a build on my machine with both the FPS and the Gamescom, so I’m actually helping out with the code a bit. But we didn’t want to give a date because, well, we sort of don’t want to get burnt by that.

“In reality, we’re probably weeks off,” he continued. “We’re shooting to have FPS on the PTU round-about Gamescom or slightly after Gamescom. We’re really talking about people getting to play FPS in a matter of 3, 4, maybe 5 weeks.”

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