Sevencore gets first expansion


Sevencore gets first expansion

WEBZEN will release the first expansion for free-to-play MMORPG SEVENCORE on the 2nd of December. Starting Tuesday, 2nd December 2014, all players will be able to explore new battlefield areas with the upcoming Occupation War for the English server ‘Balmung’.

Those who participate in battlefields such as Tillau and Crimson Plateau will earn players Victory Points (VP). Victory Points can be used to purchase powerful weapons, armor, random boxes, and even mounts from the PVP Vendors. While these items are usually tailored toward PvP combat, they’re suitable for PvE combat as well, making Battlefields an excellent source of powerful gear.

The Tillau boasts buffs spawning in various areas of the map and a quest to get a temporary mount to use in battle. The Crimson Plateau puts teams against each other in a head on conflict. With both Staging Points placed directly below their teams spawning location, the Crimson Plateau will be a battlefield which is most likely won by defeating you opponents rather than claiming their Staging Point.

With the introduction of the Occupation War, a guild will compete against other guilds each week on the English server every Saturday 21:00 (UTC) to occupy a certain area in order to collect taxes and manage prices in regional goods. Each winning guilds will be able to access the finals, Presidential election for Inadar, a world that combines science fiction with elements of fantasy.

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