Defiance receives Aftermath update today


Defiance receives Aftermath update today

Defiance aftermath update 1Defiance’s latest update, Aftermath, has been released following the conclusion of the second season of the TV series.

Trion Worlds has announced that Aftermath, the game’s largest content update since the summer, has been released. The update features new missions that follow finale of season 2 of the TV series, new enemies, pursuits, contracts, and events. Updates to Season 2 co-op and multiplayer experience are also included.

In addition, the game’s first annual “New Frontier Harvest” festival begins today through December 10. The festival will feature a new synergy, unique weapons, mods, Cornucopia Supply Crates, and unique headgear. More details on the harvest festival can be found through the link.

The full list of additions are outlined in an official blog post. There is also a trailer below.


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