Collateral now on Steam Early Access


Collateral now on Steam Early Access

Set in a dystopic future, we’re flying a taxi around an open-world city teeming with traffic zipping about. We drive/pilot a “highly customisable and heavily armed” caught between devious factions.

In development by Dancing Dinosaur Games, it’s now open to the cab driving masses for £18.99.

“Step into the driving seat of a highly customisable and heavily armed flying taxi in the amoral cyberpunk future of ‘Collateral’. You play as Zack Edgewater, an average Joe hover cab driver, caught between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that run the city of New Bedlam,” reads the Early Access page.

“The city is under lockdown, and your goal is to earn enough favour with one of the city’s factions to gain access to passcodes that allow you to leave the city. Win favour with your chosen faction by undertaking a variety of missions that test your speed, driving skills, and accuracy, then spend your hard earned cash on a huge assortment of weapons and upgrades for your cab. Every mission you complete brings you one step closer to escaping this depraved, maniacal metropolis.”

Check out the Collateral Early Access store page for more.

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