World of Tanks Gold League Season 5


World of Tanks Gold League Season 5

World of Tanks fans will want to check out the live World of Tanks Gold League action as Season 5 kicks off tonight at 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. E.S.T.

Promotional material indicates that this season brings new challenges to participants due to recent changes to the game that alter key systems.

Changes for Season 5:

  • 7/54 mode – Increasing the point max from 42 to 54 means more powerful tanks, new strategies, and more action
  • Attack/Defend – All matches are played on Assault mode, with one team attacking for 2 matches, then defending for 2 matches
  • Reduced Time Limit – Match time has be reduced to 7 minutes
  • Increased Prize Pool – Prize Pool has increased from $100,000 to $171,000

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